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E- Learning Mobile App Development

Lyod online learning app is a mobile solution designed to help families facilitate an enjoyable mobile home learning experience by providing easy access to educational video and simple study materials to educate the children of the underprivileged sections of social strata in Kanpur, India.

Challenge faced by the client:

Catering to almost 300 teachers in the district, ABCD is an educational and learning NGO that wanted to spread the light of education. These children had limited or no access to education and education learning tools so, they were looking for developing an interactive yet easy to use app to teach them.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the ABCD group used to bring the teachers and students together in several batches and teach them. However, during the pandemic it became all the more essential to create an intuitive learning app to create a resource that would provide learning support to the students outside of the classroom.

Our Solution:

We suggested that since the learning app needs to cater to the needs to primary users who are not tech-savy, we must keep the app simple, easy to use and as much interactive as possible. Second, we also suggested that the app be made for android devices initially which is more popular in use. This also helped them to achieve a much affordable app development budget.

Working closely with the ABCD group, we designed and developed a minimum viable product (MVP), with a prioritized product roadmap set for phased delivery using our now, next, later model. This process enabled us to focus our resources on refining only the product’s core functionalities, which helped us accelerate our time-to-market and deliver a fully functional product on time while still allowing for future product growth.

Even though 90% of the learning content was already available, the existing online experience was not optimized for that key user persona. They would interact with the same UI as an educator, despite having different needs.

For the new mobile experience, we leveraged insights from our intensive brainstorming sessions to identify improvement areas and recommend mobile best practices. These insights allowed us to provide an easy-to-use experience with an updated UI, simplified navigation, user onboarding, and intuitive user flows.

We also included a voice search component to work for mobile and other smart devices, to make video content discovery seamless. Leveraging our expertise in voice search technologies, we were able to leverage an existing search API to facilitate a faster, more robust search experience. This experience incorporates accurate voice search capabilities in Hindi and English, and autocomplete and typo tolerance text search features.

    Key features of the app include:

  • Bilingual UI & Text (Hindi & English)
  • Curated content based on profiles and roles
  • Interactive video player with caption support
  • Easy navigation
  • Voice search

The Result

The online learning app was successfully delivered and launched in the Google Play Store within the eight-week deadline. We worked diligently to curate all collateral needed to optimize listings within each storefront to ensure maximum exposure. This played a crucial role in, the ABCD group’s future plan to expand its digital presence. The new product effectively addresses their vision to create an enjoyable mobile home learning experience not previously available for these students. The app thus successfully helped the students to learn about different subjects and fundamental concepts and its user friendly nature made it a very popular learning app for them which they continued to use even after the pandemic.