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Custom E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce portals are the new meeting grounds for businesses from across the world and potential customers. Businesses have evolved from their primitive stage of selling, buying, and making a profit, to a sustainable practice. Businesses now are much more about influencing lives, trading, and encouraging innovations.


Quick selling

E-Commerce websites are virtual stores where customers love to get their products from. Why not? Customers don’t have to push through crowds, stand in queues, or wait for trials. They can get notified about the stocks, new arrivals, and offers, browse through products, and buy them in a few clicks. And that too from their comfort zones.


Lower promotional costs

E-Commerce websites offer great visibility and social media platforms are often integrated with them. It further enhances their visibility. You can skip paying for offline advertisements like outdoor and print ads that cost very high. You can utilize the fund to improve other core activities or improve other areas of the business.


Secured payment gateways

One of the most critical challenges of operating online is ensuring data security. Especially, when it involves monetary transactions. e-commerce websites are highly secured because verified payment gateways are integrated with them. It secures their transactions, provides a safe environment for functioning, and thus encourages sales.

Versatile E-Commerce Websites

Rapid and robust technological evolution has been encouraging different entities to become an entrepreneur. Such a trend is leading to a massive movement for entrepreneurship. However, business demands exclusivity which most cannot serve. So, they try to stand out with their websites; each wanting to be unique. This wish to be unique has led to opening a wide array of options for e-commerce websites.

Single brand portal

  • Single brand portal As the name suggests, a seller can develop a dedicated website for selling products or services belonging to a single brand. It is one of the most common e-commerce platforms. Usually, single brand portals are only developed where a person or company promotes and sells its own products. You have a defined theme and design that would reflect the brand. Businesses begin their digital transformation or even their e-commerce business with a single brand website.

Online retailers

  • Single brand portal Retailers are one of the most common businesses to have their own websites. However, they don’t sell products or services of just one brand. Instead, the website acts as an online megastore that sells products of different brands as a wholesaler. Expert e-commerce website design service professionals use captivating designs that increase sales and retain customers as well.

Affiliate network

  • Single brand portal Away from traditional e-commerce websites, an affiliate website is a platform through which you sell others’ products and services in exchange for commissions. Every time customers buy an affiliate product or service; you get a commission. This is how you can make money besides selling your merchandise.


  • Single brand portal By e-commerce websites what we know and come across mostly in our regular lives are marketplaces. As you can understand that a marketplace is a website where different business owners list their products for sale. Customers can get multiple products of varying utilities in a single place. It is one of the most preferred USPs and another reason that pushes up the demand for e-commerce marketplace development.

How does an eCommerce website work?


E-Commerce business is phenomenally popular. Please let us clarify that there is nothing fancy about an e-commerce website, it is a portal for buying and selling products with edgy features. You may want to know how e-commerce websites work, let’s dig into the details! An e-commerce uses a combination of codes, steps, an elaborate database, and verified payment gateways for functioning. It also uses an SSL certificate to authenticate the identity of the website and enable it for encryption. The certification acts as a mark of authenticity; such accreditation is important because of growing threats to data security.

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How Feasible Are Websites When Apps Are Thriving?

Mobile apps are convenient and one of the fastest ways to reach a brand, access its products and services. Despite that why are still entrepreneurs building their e-commerce websites?

There is no reason to deny the utility of a mobile app for creating a rewarding business, but its utilities do not overshadow an e-commerce website’s importance. They run parallel to each other. So, you can have your e-commerce website as well as your business app. It will only enhance your business output and multiply sales.



Investing On Custom E-Commerce Website Design Is A Worthy Investment

Website is the primary virtual address of your business and first digital avatar but here we are talking about e-commerce websites. The very concept of e-commerce exists because of e-commerce websites. Let me walk you through the different utilities of an e-commerce website and why you must not skip having it.

Technologies We Practice


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Mobile App

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Hands on Cloud

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E-Commerce FAQs

Which is the best platform for the e-commerce start-up?

Shopify, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce are some of the best e-commerce website development platforms. All of these will help you in creating the best e-commerce portals. However, every platform comes with its pros and cons. If your business has a lot of business with huge data, Magento is the best choice.

How should you choose amongst the different e-commerce platforms?

The priority is to consider your requirements. Think about what platform features you need, along with the pros and cons and the budget. If you are in doubt, you can always get in touch with us, we shall help you out.

What is the process to develop an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website needs a domain name, logo designs, hosting server, website designs and extensions for running the portal smoothly. However, remember that maintaining a website is always a lifetime process. You must do proper technical SEO to get higher ranks.

Is an e-commerce website suitable for every business type?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you are a food distribution company, a fashion brand, a small-scale business, or a large-scale e-commerce store, we shall help you in growing better.

What shall you need to set-up my e-commerce portal?

We shall need high-quality product images and an agreement. You shall have to pay for the extensions, customization, and integration. Get in touch with us for more details.


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