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Health and Wellness App


SwasthFit Health Solutions embarked on creating an innovative health and wellness app, “SwasthFit,” aimed at providing personalized diet plans and fitness solutions to end users. The app’s comprehensive features cater to the needs of users seeking expert guidance, customized diet plans, health supplements, and seamless communication with certified trainers.

Problem Statement:

The health and wellness industry lacked a comprehensive app that offered personalized diet plans, expert guidance, and easy communication between users and trainers. SwasthFit identified an opportunity to bridge this gap by developing an app that caters to users’ health goals, nutrition needs, and fitness preferences.


The primary objective of this case study is to showcase the development and implementation of the SwasthFit health and wellness app, which serves as a one-stop platform for end users to access personalized diet plans, engage with trainers, purchase health supplements, and manage subscriptions.


  1. Requirement Analysis: Collaborated with stakeholders to define app features, user roles, and integration requirements.
  2. App Design: Developed user-friendly interfaces for end users, trainers, and admins, ensuring intuitive navigation and visual appeal.
  3. User Registration and Authentication: Implemented secure registration and login mechanisms for end users, trainers, and admins.
  4. Personalized Diet Plans: Created algorithms to generate personalized diet plans based on user inputs, health goals, and dietary preferences.
  5. Subscription Management: Developed an admin panel to manage subscription plans, offers, and pricing tiers.
  6. In-App Purchases: Integrated a seamless payment gateway for users to purchase health supplements and subscription plans.
  7. Trainer-User Interaction: Integrated Agora SDK for in-app chat and call features, enabling real-time communication between trainers and users.
  8. Trainer Approval: Enabled trainers to review and accept/reject user requests, creating a personalized fitness experience.
  9. User Dashboard: Designed interactive dashboards for users to access diet plans, communicate with trainers, and track progress.
  10. Admin Dashboard: Developed a comprehensive admin panel for managing subscriptions, trainers, and user data.


  1. Personalized Wellness Experience: SwasthFit empowered users to access customized diet plans aligned with their health goals and preferences.
  2. 100% Trainer Engagement rate
  3. 60% Repeated Customers
  4. Efficient Subscription Management: The admin panel streamlined subscription plans, offers, and pricing adjustments.
  5. 80% User Satisfaction rate