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Your business has unique requirements that can serve your unique goals. Often your business may seem similar to your industry peers, but they aren't the same. A standard product is suitable for standard automation, that meets your general requirements but for more, you need to have features that will specifically serve those requirements. This calls for custom product development. We have a team of diligent experts who understand your requirements, help you to arrive at the most suitable business solution customized to serve your specific requirements.


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Software Product Development FAQs

What are some of the crucial factors to watch out for a software development contracts?

Clarity & transparency is crucial for developing a software. We make sure to offer complete transparency by sharing the details of the progress of the project.

How can I decide between custom software or “off the shelf” software?

There are a lot of key factors, but primarily there are two reasons – the feature set and cost. When the feature set of the off the shelf software matches the business requirement and meets the budget requirements – then its easy to decide. When it comes to the software product development, we will discover your business requirements and offer experienced consultation to guide you.

Which software stack is the best for my company?

There are a lot of factors to decide this. These include scalability, client’s infrastructure, existing platform and more. It mostly depends on the business requirements and features for the app being developed. Mostly, Microsoft .NET framework is used because it is versatile enough for every solution. However, you can also opt for the PHP/MySQL stack.

What is Agile software development?

Agile is an interactive and collaborative process with which the software development team can deliver logical “chunks” of software which you can test and adjust on the go to meet the customizable business requirements throughout the development process.

Can I integrate my legacy systems with newer technologies?

Yes (in most cases). To integrate the existing apps with other apps will depend on the access that our team shall have in the older app’s base functions or when the Application Programming Interface (API) is available by the app.


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