SFTware SFT Evolve

Attendance Management System will be accessible to all employees who can track their daily attendance and leaves. Reporting Heads and HODs of respective teams can track the attendance and conveyance of their teams. HR can access the HR Portal to check all employees’ attendance, leaves, grace, OD and Mis-punch Reports. They can provide approvals based on their permissions, and also sort and filter the reports for salary processing and other HR activities.

SFTware Sales (CRM)

A single dashboard to see your leads and all lead related activities, to view your pipeline and act upon it, view all tasks and meetings aligned for you, see all accounts that matter to you and status of their business activities, analyze your loss and profit for a week/month/a few chosen range of days, see all the consolidated reports you need in one place. Oversee your team members activates and their performance.

SFTware Contract (PMS)

Project Management System gives a quick overview of the overall status of any ongoing project. Tenders that are received from different websites or emails are uploaded in the Web Portal. Eligibility criteria and bidder type gets determined. Tenders get assigned to field surveyors. Once survey gets completed the initial costing is determined and updated along with it’s approval status. Documents are also created and submitted for bidding. Details of awarding or non-awarding project gets tracked

SFTware Queue (VMS)

Visitor Management System helps to capture information of any visitor. By gathering this information, system can record the usage of facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor's whereabouts. VMS promotes Safety & Security of the office premises by capturing and tracking the details of a visitor.

SFTware Works (ETask)

Tasks can be assigned by seniors to juniors in this module, dates can be shifted, extended, and tasks can be sub-assigned as required by using e-task management system. Reporting and completion status of the tasks can be tracked here. Reporting Heads and HOD can download multiple types of task report.