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HRMS eGOV Solution (HLL)


HLL Life care Limited (HLL) a renowned medical facility organization, recognized the need to streamline their HR processes, specifically time and attendance management, to improve workforce efficiency and reduce administrative burden. The hospital decided to develop a comprehensive HRMS system that integrates Face Recognition System (FRS) for attendance tracking and leverages AWS API for seamless data management.

Problem Statement:

HLL Life care Limited (HLL) faced challenges in managing employee time and attendance accurately. Manual attendance tracking led to errors, inconsistencies, and time wastage. The absence of a unified system for leave requests further complicated the process and manages the outdoor duties and track the working hours. The need to integrate FRS technology through AWS API arose to automate these tasks.


The primary objective of this application is to illustrate how HLL Life care Limited (HLL) successfully developed and implemented an HRMS system that employs FRS for attendance tracking and utilizes AWS API to efficiently manage timesheets and leaves.


  • Requirement Analysis: Collaborated with stakeholders to understand hospital-specific HR needs, focusing on attendance, timesheet, and leave management.
  • System Design: Designed the HRMS system architecture with modules for FRS-based attendance, timesheet management, leave requests, and approvals.
  • Fingerprint Recognition Integration: Integrated FRS technology to automate attendance recording through biometric authentication, eliminating manual entries.
  • AWS API Integration: Leveraged AWS API to securely store, manage, and retrieve employee data, timesheets, and leave records.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Developed a user-friendly mobile app enabling employees to mark attendance, request leaves, and view timesheets on-the-go.
  • Automated Timesheet Generation: Automated timesheet creation based on attendance records, ensuring accurate and efficient payroll processing
  • Leave Management Workflow: Implemented a seamless leave request process, including submission, approval, and tracking.
  • Real-time Dashboards: Developed interactive dashboards for managers and HR to monitor attendance trends, leave balances, and overall workforce performance.


  1. Increase 80% Enhanced Accuracy
  2. Efficient Leave Management Process:
  3. Real-time Insights
  4. Reduce 70% Cost and Time
  5. 90% Employee Satisfaction rate