Companies from wide range of industries rely on SftDox to manage and connect their business information. You can authorize and control access, use e-Signatures, create e-Forms, audit and collaborate from anywhere. Manages incoming, outgoing, and internal documents. SFTdox offers cloud storage for business files which allows multiple users to access, co-author the same documents from different locations. With document management system (DMS) you can assign tasks and control their execution.

Eliminate Business Complexity, Embrace Digitization

SFTdox is a flexible, configurable, and scalable solution for document and business process management. Improve your business with multilevel workflows, centralized access controls and enhanced mobility. Regular business activities produce a large volume of business data – business strategies, statistics, contracts, policies, and other crucial documents that are highly sensitive. The document management software enables you to store and share them with respective stakeholders through a secured channel ensuring its security and ease of sharing.

Smarter Way To Manage Documents

Create inter departmental workflows and access control within organization boundaries. Mobile apps enhance remote collaboration and productivity. sftData security is a top priority now because data is the new oil, and the world is after it. It is the foundation for effective business strategies. Threat to enterprise data is more now than ever which calls for stringent measures to ensure complete data security. The Enterprise Document Management System ensures that and much more.