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Delivery Application For Ex-Service Men


We SFT, a leading IT company and an IT wing of Shyam Steel, undertook the development of a specialized grocery delivery application catering to the needs of ex-army personnel. The application aimed to provide a convenient way for veterans to order groceries from army canteens and have them delivered to their doorstep, acknowledging their service and addressing their unique requirements.

Problem Statement:

Ex-army personnel often face difficulties accessing services from army canteens after retirement due to distance, mobility constraints, or lack of time. The challenge was to bridge this gap and create a user-friendly app that facilitates easy grocery ordering, ensures secure authentication, and offers timely deliveries for the ex-army community.


The primary objective of this case study was to develop a specialized grocery delivery application that allows ex-army personnel to order groceries from army canteens through a seamless digital platform. The app aimed to foster convenience, recognition, and inclusivity for veterans while promoting engagement with their community.


For successfully develop the asset management application, the project methodology for our company involved following key steps.

  1. Start by defining the project scope, objectives, and timeline.
  2. Conduct thorough requirements gathering, including user research and identification of functional and non-functional requirements.
  3. Proceed to the design phase, creating user-friendly UX and visually appealing UI.
  4. Developed the application using appropriate technologies, focusing on front-end and back-end implementation
  5. Test the application rigorously for functionality, performance, and security.
  6. Finally, deploy the application and ensure a successful launch.

Throughout the process, maintain effective communication, collaboration, and project management to ensure timely delivery and quality outcomes. This concise methodology enables our company to efficiently develop the grant mobile application while meeting client requirements and achieving project success.

Technology Stack:

  1. Frontend- HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  2. Database – MySQL
  3. Backend – PHP | Laravel
  4. Mobile App – React Native
  5. Version Control – Git


  1. 90% Order Fulfillment rate
  2. 100% On Time Delivery
  3. 2 Days Average Delivery Time
  4. 5000+ Satisfied User
  5. 40% Repeat Orders