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5 Apr, 2024

Instagram Updates & Changes that Affected Marketers in 2024

With over 2.35 billion Instagram users worldwide, it is still among the best and most prominent social media platforms. There is no denying that social media networks never stop growing and developing. This means they will have updates on new features and functionalities. In this blog, we shall cover the recent Instagram updates and features for 2024. As a social media marketer, you must keep track of the updates on multiple social media platforms.


1. Zoom in on Instagram Profile Pictures

No need to use third-party apps anymore! Instead of using third-party apps to view Instagram profile pictures, users can do that within the app itself. All it takes is a tap on the user’s profile picture or press and hold the profile picture for a few seconds. This is one of the latest Instagram updates.


2. Location Tags in Notes

Instagram Notes is a comparatively new feature that was launched in 2022. They are the short status bubbles that are shown in the DM inbox that you can use to share quick thoughts with the people in the chat or the followers. At present, Instagram is testing the location tags within the Notes, and only a few users can add location tags that link to the Instagram location page for a certain place.


3. The Launch of a New App – Threads

Threads is a recently launched app by Instagram where users can post threads, reply to other people, and follow profiles that they are interested in. This is a direct competitor of Twitter. Threads and replies can be in different forms, including links, short text, photos, videos, or any other combination. People can follow each other to see the threads and replies in the feeds from their profiles. The users can decide who can see the posts through privacy settings.


4. Multiple Links in Bio

Speaking of effective Instagram updates, multiple links in the bio are the most recent ones. You don’t need to use “Link tree” or other “link in bio” software. You can add external links from the “Edit Profile” section.


5. Scheduling Posts on Instagram

Another crucial Instagram update is the scheduling of posts within the app. This helps users set a specific date of publication for their posts. However, the feature does not allow cross-posting to other Instagram accounts or other social media platforms. To schedule Instagram posts in the IG app, go to the “advanced settings,” create your post, click “schedule,” and set up the desired publication time. This Instagram feature is being rolled out and will be available to everybody soon.


6. Instagram Video Posts are Reels ONLY

This might not be very pleasant to some users because you cannot post a square video from a horizontally recorded clip. However, there is a workaround if you go through the following steps.

  • Create a carousel post with a picture
  • Choosing a video clip for the carousel
  • Deselect the picture so that only the video clip is left

That’s it! Your video will be in a square format.

7. Instagram Grid Pinning

The most recent Instagram update is to pin the post to the top of the IG grid. In simple terms, Instagram allows you to put up your older content on top of the grid. This is not new for platforms like Twitter or Facebook, but many users definitely needed it on Instagram.


8. 60- Second Instagram Stories

Instagram has implemented another handy feature. It allows users to upload Instagram stories for 60 seconds without the 15-second cuts. It is a helpful feature because the playback of your story will be much smoother, and you can see all the user mentions, tags, links, and locations.


9. 2023 Instagram Reels

Reels have rapidly gained popularity since they were introduced in 2020. Instagram is investing heavily in the new format and is looking to upgrade it. In July 2021, Instagram decided to double the reel’s maximum duration. The new Instagram feature is regularly updated with more editing options, like the most recent double exposure feature or timer additions.


Here is a detailed look into what you can do with the Instagram update on reels.

  • You can add a song and adjust the music vs. the original sound ratio.
  • Voiceover – you can also record your commentary.
  • Add text
  • Doodles – you can draw over the video
  • Stickers – Once you have filmed a new reel, you can add a sticker to it
  • Effects – Can be used the same as stories
  • Timer – You don’t need to hold your phone while recording the video


Instagram is testing more features for reels.

  • The new video layout allows the users to capture multiple videos in separate windows, one after the other, and play them together.
  • Double exposure feature allows the users to capture the photo and then record a video on top of that.


10. Instagram Collabs

Another crucial update on Instagram is the collaboration.

  • The post appears both on your feed and on your collaborator’s profiles.
  • To create a post like that, you need to create a regular post, click “tag people,” and then “invite collaborator.”

Instagram updates

11. Reels Visual Replies

Instagram introduced another reel update called “reels visual replies.” With this feature, you can reply to the comments given by followers. This is a great way for creators to engage with followers by creating content inspired by the activity in the comments section.


12. Profile Embed

Embedding Instagram videos or photos on a website has not been possible until now, and it was not possible to embed a complete profile in a native-looking way until now. With this Instagram Update, it will be easier now to showcase the creator’s profiles in different segments of the internet.


13. Instagram Playback

This was an update of 2021, where users can re-share their best stories on New Year’s Eve. This is a great way for users to celebrate their favorite moments of the past year.


14. Instagram Map Search

This is another one of Instagram’s recent updates. This feature is similar to Google Maps, allowing users to find the locations of different businesses within the app. Map search is located within the regular Instagram browser, which you can use to search for other users, hashtags, and more. This is a valuable tool to explore new gems if you are in a previously unknown area. The best part is that users can easily see more information like the nearby services, places of attraction, price of products, and public posts marked with business location by clicking on a concrete location icon on the map.


15. Instagram Creator Mode

Instagram introduced the creator mode, dedicated to accounts with over 10,000 followers. Instagram continues to develop this part of the app to help influencers make the most of their experience with it. From enabling the creators to see more of the account analytics to simplifying messaging for them, the creator mode makes a lot of difference.


The best part is that the creator mode keeps evolving and gains new features like the complete section of Instagram marketing tips that the creators can use to their advantage while creating new content. Introducing a professional dashboard was another move towards a better creator experience.


16. Instagram Professional Dashboard

Instagram took another step to allow users to check how the target audience appreciates their posts. The Professional Dashboard offers detailed analytics on the performance of every post and the overall account. The feature is available for all individual and business accounts. Here is the list of features of the Professional Dashboard.


  • Overall account performance
  • Instagram Insights
  • Branded content approvals
  • Instagram shopping
  • Promotions
  • Saved replies


The Professional Dashboard is a great tool for getting a quick overview of the statistics, but if you want to get into more details, you can use Instagram Insights.


17. Instagram Insights (Updated)

Instagram updated its Insights by offering detailed data for the past 90 days instead of 30 or 60. This gives the business accounts and creators a better idea of their account’s performance. Also, it is now possible to measure the live video performance. At present, Instagram Insights offers you the statistics on the following:


  • Accounts reached – A detailed overview of the profile’s reach based on gender, geography, followers vs. non-followers, age, content type reach, the ads, and more.
  • Accounts engaged – This section allows you to measure the accounts’ engagement split between different content types in more detail.
  • Total followers – This is where you have to measure the followers’ base dynamics with an insight into their demographics.
  • Content that you shared – This is where you get detailed data about your content and user interactions divided by the content and interaction type (interactions like Business Address Taps or Email Button taps)


18. Hiding Instagram Likes

Currently you can hide the number of likes on your posts. To do that, you have to go to one of the posts, click on the three dots at the top right section and choose “hide like count”. A lot of users are currently starting to use it.


19. New Interactive stickers for Instagram Stories

Most of the Instagram users have gotten used to checking new stickers within their stories editing panel occasionally. The stickers available to every user will differ based on their account type. Here is a rundown of the newest and most popular stickers.


  • Shopping sticker
  • Music sticker
  • Location sticker
  • Questions sticker
  • Mention sticker
  • Poll sticker
  • Donation sticker
  • Countdown sticker
  • Customizable link sticker
  • Add your sticker
  • Support small business sticker
  • Food orders sticker


20. Instagram Shops and In-shop Ads

Facebook is updating its eCommerce side by adding Facebook and Instagram shops that are directly accessible through the apps. Businesses can create customizable catalogues of their products that users can browse, save, share, and purchase from.


This has to be set up, but once you do, you can showcase the products using different options. These include adding a cover image or choosing a color theme to add a unique look and feel to the online store.


Users can access Facebook shops through Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, stories, and ads. It is now possible to buy a product within the app if the business has enabled the checkout feature. What’s new in Instagram updates is testing and displaying the ads within the shopping area, which can turn into another strong marketing tool within any business’s arsenal.


21. Instagram DMs on a PC Messenger API

It is now possible to check Instagram DMs on a PC. Messenger has opened its API for Instagram messaging. Using the Social Inbox makes things easy to manage all the Instagram DMs throughout multiple Instagram profiles because you shall be having them all in one customizable view.


  • You can set auto-replies for generic queries
  • Forward messages to other team members
  • Automatically tag the message on social inbox
  • And do a lot more!


Wrapping Up

There is no denying that social media platforms are evolving faster than we have imagined. Instagram updates, or rather any social media platform updates, are based on the user experiences of every day. Starting from minor updates like shifting some buttons around to major updates like adding new features entirely. Rest assured that you shall never be bored with this social media giant.