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Social media marketing that makes your audience want to engage with your brand.

Stand out from the competition by looking like real humans with social media advertising. We help you build an authentic relationship with your customers with maximum coverage and reach with our social media specialist team.

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Develop a social media marketing funnel that leaves your customers recall & reconnect

Every day, your audience spend hours on social media, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn or Pinterest. But algorithms, competitors, and apathy prevents your brand from capturing their attention.

SFT has the expertise to target, engage, and persuade your market, eliminating years of costly trial and error. Each social platform has its own benefits depending on your goals,

Not only will your ads get seen, but we'll get your audience to care - without draining out your budget.
Our social media advertising strategies are tailored to your customers' journeys, displaying the ads that they are interested in.

Know Where to show up, Who to show up,
and How to engage them

Win new customers and followers

Be shared with audiences

Drive awareness and Viral campaigns

Hyper-direct way to reach your audience

SFT focus on your needs and goals. We do accurate Social Targeting, Creative Engagements and Content that resonates with your audience.

SFT is always looking for ways to improve your digital efforts

Using pixel tracking and segmentation in social media marketing, we take a creative approach to capture your customer's attention. Our campaign strategy spans across various social media platforms for a wider coverage. We leverage all the major social media channels that our clients love. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. SFT will help you determine which networks to advertise on in order to reach your target audience.


Customer Social Journey

Identify your customer journey and make their path that leads them to your goals. Customers' decisions do not occur in isolation but rather within an interactive context of their social relationships.


Ad Copy Design

Show the right content, to the right people, at the right time, understanding social influence on consumer decision. Over the years it has become more complex and specialized. Digital advertisements need many props to be successful: design, audience targeting, optimization, analysis, and more.


Technical Setup

Setting up your social media channels in a right way is crucial to measure your success. Track social behaviour, retarget, and segment with pixels set up across channels.

Drive more traffic and build your brand on social media

Brand awareness and recall


Social Media Analysis

We do a detailed audit of your social media channels eg: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising strategies. We develop an an in-depth report on what’s working, what’s not, and what opportunities we’ve found for your brand's growth.


Social Media Strategy

We analyse your current paid efforts, competitive landscape, and audience segmentation while mapping out your entire customers' journey. From here, your multi-channel paid social strategy is custom curated for your audiences.


Media Implementation

New ads are created, launched, and tested based on strategy and scheduling. We handle this process from top to bottom, including copy, design assets, scheduling and targeting.


Refine & Repeat

Loyal followers share your content, anticipate your posts, and buy your product. As results roll in, we focus on testing to make them even better while you focus on all the new business.


  • We are empowering Business Growth for our Clients

  • Current Activity

    Get a baseline of where you stand across all social channels.

  • Following and Engagement Size

    Identify where efforts should be focused.

  • Community Management

    See where you could be improving the conversation with your audience.

  • Brand Aesthetic

    To notify you of inconsistent or haphazard branding that’s hurting your image

  • Social and Digital Assets

    Maintenance of social assets of your social media channels

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    Social Media Marketing FAQs

    Our team will perform a comprehensive review of all your social media metrics, content, and branding across all platforms to develop a deep understanding of the current state of your social media presence. Specific elements of evaluation include current activity, following size, community engagement practices, brand aesthetic, and social asset inventory. We will then use these findings to develop a robust strategic plan that will help increase your audience engagement and grow your social following.
    Shyam Future Tech social media team are experts in leveraging all the major social media channels that our clients are using. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to name a few. But just because we have the means to support you on all these platforms, doesn’t mean you should be on all of them. Dont’s worry! SFT can help you figure out which ones will help you reach your target audience.
    In short - Yes. If you choose to utilize our community management services, we will respond directly to your followers’ questions or comments to keep your business and brand engaged in the conversations. SFT has found that this helps create a sense of authenticity with your audience and ultimately increases your reach.
    Community management is essentially the oversight and maintenance of your brand’s social media pages. This could include responding to comments or muting negative comments, following other relevant businesses or brands, and publishing new content. It seems simple enough but can be a very time-consuming activity, especially if you have to do it effectively. Our team is experienced in this type of social media management and can ensure that your business is engaging with your audience in the most authentic way.
    Again, this largely depends on your audience. While you definitely should publish at least one post every day, you should see if posting more often will make any difference in your performance. Once you find a posting frequency that works for you, We help create a publishing calendar to plan your social media activity. Fill out form above or Contact Us to get a full analysis done for free.
    Shyam Future Tech is a full scale digital marketing agency. We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions under one umbrella. Our marketing specialities include -
    Search Egine Optimization, Paid Ads, Social Media marketing, Google Paid Ads, OTT Ads, Email Campaign automation, Content writing, Native Ads, Re-targeting, App Store optimization .