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9 Jul, 2024

Grocery App Development Company – The Elements of a Grocery App

If you have reached here, it is quite evident that you are in search of a grocery app development company that will help you create a grocery app development. This blog is designed for startup founders, serial entrepreneurs, and product managers to get all the details of a custom grocery delivery app. Without further ado, let’s start with the details of the grocery app development process. Being a business organization, you will get the option to create different types of grocery delivery apps. The two most important applications are:


  1. Marketplaces

  2. Aggregators






Aggregators are apps with a list of nearby grocery stores to platform the users. The aggregators include stores like Walmart and other major grocery chains. The question is, how do the applications on this model work?


  • The user will choose the list of the stores that will be shown.
  • The users can also add their preferred grocery to the card on the app from the online menu.
  • They will check out the cart and make payments.
  • Upon confirmation of the order, the user can track it in real time until they receive the products.




The marketplace grocery apps are almost similar to the aggregators. However, they will be different in their core mode of functioning. The grocery app will allow the merchants nearby to display the groceries while the customers will contact them through the platform. It will serve as the medium of contact between the seller and buyer. If you hire a grocery app development company for the marketplaces, the business organization must have a mechanism to facilitate communication between merchants and app users.


When is the Right Time for Online Grocery Delivery App Development?


Are you worried about the best time to create a grocery delivery app? The time is NOW! This is the time to hire a grocery app development company and get a grocery app. Owning a grocery delivery product is a great move, especially during this time. There are two major factors that make it the best time to have a grocery delivery application.


1. The Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in grocery app usage because it offers a safe way to shop while avoiding physical contact. The grocery delivery services market still adheres to contactless delivery. This is a strong point to convince most traditional brick-and-mortar shoppers. Another reason why business organizations should hire a grocery app development company is the steady increase in the demand for such apps. Did you know? 58% of customers prioritize convenience over anything else. One of the best ways to appeal to this 58% audience is to create an easy-to-use grocery shopping app.


 2. The Second Factor is the Successful Examples 


Most grocery delivery apps these days ensure delivery in 10-15 minutes and zero delivery charges. Also, most grocery app delivery services have a wide array of delivery representatives that help in meeting the customers’ needs within the allotted time frame. Moreover, there are no minimum orders required. Thus, the users can place an order for anything that they need, irrespective of how small the item is. From a single bottle of Coke to an entire grocery list of the month, grocery delivery apps can be used to order any grocery item. According to the best grocery app development company in India, the primary feature of the grocery delivery app is speed.



How to Build a Grocery Delivery App?


As per India’s premium grocery app development companies, creating a successful grocery delivery application includes both technical and marketing processes. To help you understand the process of the grocery delivery app, let us tell you how the app works.


  • It will allow users to shop online from the preferred local grocery store.
  • According to the best grocery app development company, the app sends a personal shopper to make a necessary physical purchase and do the delivery on the same day.
  • The app doesn’t have a warehouse. Instead, its shoppers make a timely purchase limited to only the major grocery stores in the vicinity.


Now you know how the app performs. Next, let us get into creating a grocery delivery application. As we mentioned earlier, you must consider the business side and the technical side as well.


The Business Development Phase


This is the most overlooked yet fundamental process of development. The business development phase includes identifying the market potential and the potential investment risks in a new product. You must also clarify the scope and vision of the team and understand the target audience. As per the best grocery app development companies in India, for the grocery app to be successful, there are two important development terms to cater for. The marketing phase and the discovery phase.


 The Technical Development Phase 


Being a business organization, if you want to hire a grocery app development company, the crux of the technical development phase includes getting the right app development team. In addition, the team must have a proven record of creating highly successful apps that offer the best user experience possible. In general, the technical development phase for a grocery app development includes creating the MVP with different sets of app features for a grocery shopping app.


 The Tech Stack to Develop a Grocery Delivery Platform 


According to the best grocery app development companies in India, the tech stacks used in developing a grocery delivery platform are as follows:


  • Backend: Laravel
  • Admin Panel: Laravel Nova, JavaScript, CSS & HTML5
  • Mobile Development: React Native or Java for Android app and Swift for iOS app
  • Databases: MongoDB or MySQL
  • Payment Gateway: Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, and other payment options
  • Geolocation: Google Maps API
  • Utilities: Twilio, Google SDK, Firebase, and Facebook SDK
  • Server: AWS


In Conclusion


Creating a successful grocery delivery app will include more than just creating a responsive app. The effort goes into creating an ideal business model that will help in growing your startup. The best option is to hire a grocery app development company that employs a full-stack app development team. If you are searching for a grocery app development company, contact Shyam Future Tech today!