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27 Sep, 2022

Zepto Marketing Strategy – Everything About the 10-Minutes Grocery Delivery App

In the present era of technical advancement, every sector is evolving and going through a renaissance. Therefore, how can the delivery sector lag? The delivery sector is going through a lot of changes every day. Different delivery apps and startups are bringing in other methods.

In this blog today, we will discuss the marketing strategy of Zepto – one of the most prominent grocery delivery apps of the present time. The best part of Zepto marketing strategy is the 10-minute guarantee delivery. As a result, you can get groceries delivered to your doorstep that you previously purchased from the local general store.

What is Zepto? What Types of Companies Comes Under the Zepto Marketing Strategy?

Zepto offers service only through the official application. At present, it has more than 80 dark stores throughout the country. These stores are primarily in tier one cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and more. Zepto is a pan-India company that started its operations in April 2021. However, it was founded in September 2020.

The primary reason Zepto has a successful business model in India is that Zepto marketing strategy includes producing 2500+ goods within 10 minutes. As a result, it was impossible for any top delivery or e-commerce sites.

Whether it is the marketing strategy of Zepto or any other marketing strategy, there are a lot of crucial factors. The idea is one of the most important ones of them. The Story of Zepto starts when the two founders, who were studying computer science, got tempted with their creative idea to start a business.

Zepto Marketing Strategies
Source – Startuptalky, Zepto Founders – Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra

With the idea to deliver food to your doorsteps in the least possible time, Zepto was introduced. The most crucial thing was that Zepto was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the strict lockdown, when people were striving hard to get out of their homes, the founders worked hard to make the delivery possible even during the restrictions.

How does Zepto Delivery Work? A Detail on Zepto Business Model

The Zepto business model was inspired by the idea on which KiranaKart depends. KiranaKart depends on is for the local shopkeepers and managers. They deliver the goods and products within 45 minutes of placing the order. Zepto marketing strategy is based on similar ideas. Both the founders were bachelors, and they had to struggle a lot to get food delivered. This is where they got the idea of creating such an app that quickly provides grocery items.

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Their vision is to open Zepto Dark stores all over India and expand the brand at the top level. They are planning to increase the team from 400 to 800 by 2023. You must think that Zepto app is the only company to be the fastest delivery online shopping app. At the same time, they are facing intense competition from rival companies like Swiggy, Zomato, Blinkit and Dunzo. The best part is all the competitors are offering the same service at equal rates.

Therefore, it was not easy to stay in the top place. Zepto marketing strategy required more business skills and investment to be the fastest delivery app in India. They introduced new standards to transform their work in the delivery infrastructure – right from the basic level. In simple words, ground-level work was still needed.

Funding & Investment for Zepto Marketing Strategy

The leading sources for Zepto’s funds are Y combinator community funds and Glade brook capital partners. Both invested 100 million dollars and 4.4 billion rupees, respectively. Zepto has a successful business model in India, showing continuous growth. You can see the Zepto marketing strategy’s success from the number of stores they have opened across cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and more.

As the fastest delivery app in India, Zepto delivers grocery items only in the stores’ available areas. The technical office is in Bangalore. This is where all the technicalities are handled, while the operations are done from the Mumbai office. So, if you ask if the supermarket business is profitable in India, we will say YES. Why? Popular apps like Flipkart, Uber, Dream11 and more have their key executives in the Zepto app. Recently, Lazypay and Pescafresh partnered with Zepto.

Zepto Talent Acquisition

Another important thing that has worked in favour of a successful Zepto marketing strategy is acquiring talent. Top executives decided to join Zepto because it allowed so many people that had shifted to Bangalore to come back to Mumbai. However, the fast growth of the start-up, its ambition and the disciplined execution encouraged several people to be attracted to the company.

Order Volume Claims

Blinkit & Instamart claimed that their weekly order volume increased to more than a million. So, the question is, what about Zepto? How many orders are they delivering now? Well, Zepto is not too keen to publish the numbers. However, they are saying that with the current numbers, they shall easily surpass the competitors in the market.

Zepto Business Model: Dark Store Model

Dark stores might seem a sinister option, but it is a great idea that helped multiple retail businesses stay afloat throughout the pandemic. The dark stores are distribution outlets that are not open to visitors. These are micro warehouses that quickly and accurately fulfil orders. Therefore, they offer shoppers resources and options like buying products online, pickup in-store and same-day delivery.

According to the founders and shareholders of the Zepto app, the magic of the dark store model is how they became the fastest delivery app in India. With the help of the dark stores, they could pick, pack, and dispatch the goods within 60 seconds. However, the last section is just like any other delivery model.

Zepto Business Model
Source – Startuptalky

Such a grocery delivery model is implemented in developed nations; however, the model was never explored in India. The dark store model reduces the trivial challenges that any delivery service faces. These include navigation, traffic congestion, and connectivity.

Zepto marketing strategy used geography, location intelligence, population, road patterns, traffic dynamics, last-minute supply availability, weather, real estate values and others. All these factors improved the network’s overall performance.

Dark stores are meant for instant deliveries and can’t handle the sales volume. However, the Zepto grocery app didn’t compromise on the shortcomings of this model. They have thousands of products on display, fresh produce, meat, milk, kitchen refills and more at the best bargain. Also, the AI-powered tool ensures a smooth transition, right from picking, packing, and delivering. All these features make the Zepto grocery app the fastest online shopping app.

Benefits of Zepto Business Model

There are a lot of benefits to the Zepto Business Model. In the following section of the blog, we shall mention a few.

1. Better Distribution & Faster Delivery

The dark store enables Zepto to fulfill orders quickly and more efficiently. In addition, the micro and cold warehouses offer several distribution choices and bring groceries closer to a particular market segment. Thus, you can see that Zepto has higher control over the market spread and distribution. It is another reason why Zepto is the fastest delivery app in India.

2. Better and Broader Customer Reach

One of the dark stores’ most important features is bringing the distribution centres close to the consumers. The best thing about these stores is they are always online to take orders. It is what brings consumers to such platforms and uses their services. Therefore, it is one of the essential features that made the successful Zepto marketing strategy.

3. Contactless Shopping

There is no denying the fact that the need for contact-free shopping is a critical factor for businesses to adopt the “dark store” approach. The dark stores allow consumers to purchase groceries in a contactless way without entering a physical store. All you must do is place orders, and you will get them instantly.

4. Better Inventory Control and Product Assortment

Zepto’s business model and Zepto marketing strategy worked because they chose dark stores. The dark stores are customer-free zones, and they have better control over the inventory. Therefore, they can easily manage larger order volumes. In addition, the dark stores are designed to ensure easy navigation, allowing the packers to move quickly to pack the items in an order. Also, the AI-powered tools keep the inventory stock track and provide product assortment.

Zepto’s USP

Zepto’s business model is customer-centric, and it is an instant delivery model. However, Zepto offers a few selling points that set it apart from its competitors. Still, these are also included in the model.

One of the main reasons the Zepto app is the fastest online shopping app is because Zepto has instant delivery and is regarded as quick commerce. They are capable enough to fulfill the grocery delivery in 10 minutes. Also, they claim to have a delivery time of 8 minutes and 47 seconds.

According to the founders, when a user checks the order, it is already shipped out for delivery. Therefore, it is another essential element that makes Zepto marketing strategy successful. They fulfill almost every order within 10 minutes. Only one percent of the charges might take 15-16 minutes.

Another crucial factor for successful business models in India is to offer free shipping. Zepto offers free shipping. Even though this USP has got dim compared to the former one, it still doesn’t charge a delivery fee. On the other hand, Amazon Fresh & Instacart have delivery fees.

You must remember that the free service doesn’t mean costlier products. Yet another USP is that it offers excellent discounts on its list of products and groceries.

Zepto’s Online Ad Campaigns

Zepto marketing campaigns are one of the best ones you shall see in the ad campaigns of recent companies. Zepto witnessed growth primarily because of its unique ad campaigns online. All of this they achieved in a short time. Did you know? L&K Saatchi & Saatchi was behind 3 of Zepto’s recent ads.

The idea behind all Zepto’s ad campaigns is that time is an expandable commodity in India. Therefore, you cannot afford to waste it. Whether you must board a flight or wait for the food at a restaurant, we all have experienced stretchable time. It is where Zepto ad campaigns have stood apart.

Here are examples of the Zepto marketing strategy ad campaign where they surprisingly used three famous singers. Usha Uthup, Shankar Mahadevan & Kailash Kher are cast in unusual roles where they must stretch time in their way – thus highlighting the objective of Zepto, which is on-time delivery.




The ad campaigns have paved the way for the Zepto app to be the most talked about brand.

Here’s What Zepto’s Chief Marketing Officer has to Say

Amritansu Nanda, Chief Marketing Officer of Zepto, says, “Our consumers lead busy, fast-paced lives. At Zepto, through our on-time delivery promise and at the back of our exceptional tech, we constantly strive to let them know and reassure them that we value their time. This campaign, featuring some of the most iconic pop-culture voices of the country, brings alive our proposition of quick delivery and strikes the right chord with our core TG through relatable entertainment. It is also a critical milestone in our journey towards becoming synonymous with quick-commerce in India.”

Kartik Smetacek, Jt NCD, L&K Saatchi, and Saatchi added, “It’s often said clients get the work they deserve. Zepto is a case in point. From scripting these to presenting them to producing them, working on the campaign was an absolute pleasure, with the agency and client working as one team completely committed to the product. I think the results speak for themselves.

In Conclusion

Zepto marketing strategy has helped the brand to grow as the fastest delivery app in India. Zepto app has plans to expand into newer cities as quickly as possible. They are also planning to increase their coverage to micro-markets and be the leaders in the sector. Several other competitors are trying to participate in the market and grow quickly. However, they cannot promise things like 10-minute delivery consistently. Zepto is a detail-oriented and intense business with technical and operating discipline that allows them to ensure the 10-minute delivery.

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