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26 Jun, 2019

Your Website Will Be Ineffective Without These

Strengthening your digital footprints is real investment. Stressing on the importance of websites might not make any sense now because you know it; obviously. However, with Google modifying its search algorithm, you need to ensure its compatibility with the new parameters.

Websites are a staple but not all can reach their target audience. July 1 onwards, Google will be ranking websites just not based on keywords and other parameters, but on how mobile-friendly your website content is. Besides, the latest technological upgrades are pushing for a phenomenal change in website features too.

3 Features That You Ought To Upgrade Your Website with or Have in the New One

All your activities boil down to sale or building up beneficial goodwill. Hence you need to be visible in ‘Google search’ and be user-friendly too. Here are 3 key features that you must include in your existing website. If you are building a new website then it gets even easier – ask your developers to pay attention to these 3 features.

Mobile-friendly web content

Recently, Google announced that it will be ranking websites based on how mobile-friendly its website content is. There is a swelling number of Smartphone users; they check websites and even shop online through their phones. So being available on phones can get a brand closer to its target customers. So Google will verify the mobile-friendliness of a website – how fast a website loads on a Smartphone, how the content appears on a mobile screen and whether a user can easily check the website on their phones or not, and a number of other related parameters.


Voice-search is another popular way used by millennial customers for finding anything online. They prefer to speak it out rather than type on the Google search bar. So by making your website compatible with voice-search you are just making it more user-friendly.

AI compatible websites

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings everything under one roof. Machine Learning is a part of AI and using this in web development help web applications to adapt according to user habits. Thus, your website can understand consumer behavior and predict demands. Therefore, it can help in multiplying revenue!

A great-looking website might not earn you anything. It needs to be effective in terms of reaching out to your target audience, encouraging interaction and facilitating sales. So make sure to incorporate the above-stated features on your new website or upgrade your existing website with those features. Click here to schedule a session with our in-house designer for your website.