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11 May, 2019

Your Business App Is Incomplete Without These Features

You are floating in overflowing information and all are at your fingertip. Therefore, we don’t need to elaborate on why mobile app development companies in Kolkata and elsewhere have scaled up their activities. Whether you want to reach out to a friend, or sell your products or service, enhance your knowledge or anything, there is more than one mobile application for every requirement.

Interestingly, mobile apps have been playing a definitive role in transforming business outcomes across the world. It has been increasingly blurring geographical boundaries and trade limitations caused by it. Besides hiring a great team, having a spacious workstation, you must invest in developing your own business application; preferably on both Android and iOS platforms.

Which App Features Gets A Venture Growing?

An intensely competitive market might scare an entrepreneur but experts believe even a startup can gain a great market share. In 2019, you need to invest in the right set of technologies for a successful business. Here we discuss some transformational app features that can effectively assist in increasing sales and help a business grow.

Voice search

Convenience is the key to win consumers. An individual multi-task to meet his or her diverse interests and the voice-search feature allows them to conduct their search while working on something else.

Integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Human intelligence in pushing products and services is not enough; hence machine learning and artificial intelligence are integrated into mobile apps. By recording and analyzing consumer behavior, it filters a user’s search and pushes targeted communication goals.


Ready assistance is much appreciated and chatbots offer just that. Users can ask anything and using AI a chatbot to respond to their queries. This experience creates a differentiating factor. When you offer this kind of experience, you can easily win consumers. So make sure to hire a mobile app developer who can create a chatbot integrated mobile app for your business.

Predictive analysis

Consumers hate spending time looking for what they want. It would be great if you can suggest something beneficial. The latest mobile apps are accompanied by a predictive analysis feature. It studies consumer data and analyses the same. Based on this it predicts an outcome. For instance, it can study and analyze weather with the provided data and predict whether it will rain, or have normal weather. Accordingly, a user can take a preventive measure.

Data security

You must protect your business data. One of the most common concerns over online transactions and communication is data security. Thankfully, present mobile apps are secured with end-to-end encryption. This and a number of other implemented tools and technologies ensure your data is completely secured.

Integrated payment gateways

One of the best parts of moving to an online business is instant payment. Mobile applications come with integrated payment gateways which ensure your buyers can pay you in real-time through a secured channel.

There are no secrets for a successful business, you need to implement the right strategies and aid your venture with some effective tools. A mobile app is one such essential tool that can transform a business and multiply your revenue. So zero down on the best mobile app development company and get your business app before your peers do that.