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4 Nov, 2020

Why The Former Tesla CIO, Is Creating Cloud-Native ERP For The Auto Industry?

According to a recent report on a reputed platform, the former CIO of Telsa, Jay Vijayan, has founded Tekion, to improve how the automotive industry utilizes software. The tech start-up is developing cloud-native ERP that will refine customer experience while purchasing and servicing a car.

Vijayan has served the technology corporates for nearly two decades. He was worked for Tesla as its CIO, VMware, Oracle and others before having his own start-up.

Vijayan’s Tekion To Redefine How Software Is Used In The Automotive Industry

Innovation inspires innovation. When Jay Vijayan announced his intentions for forming Tekion, we can say this for sure. He has worked with the pioneering brands that set trends, initiated, and inspired innovations across the world. It is amazing to see him come up with such a brilliant idea.

The primary goal behind Tekion is to transform the use of software for purchasing and servicing cars. Automation tools have touched upon different industries with clearly visible benefits. Vijayan explored and found great scope for using software optimally in the car industry. He is giving shape to his idea and we cannot stop applauding this innovation.

In his interview to YourStory, a revered platform for entrepreneurs, Vijayan said that the cloud-native ERP will include all the functions inventory management, sales, finance, customer service as well as a user-friendly interface where the software will with all the functionalities at the backend.

An ERP system and other contemporary business automation tools are highly instrumental at refining services and serving added value to customers.

According to a recent report, the automotive market is set to fall. Commercial vehicles and passenger cars are the categories of the auto industry. Owing to different unavoidable circumstances, the sale of passenger cars is set to fall from 79.6 in 2017 to 59.6 million units in 2020. This sharp fall will have repercussions that need to be neutralised before it becomes a crisis.

Experts have believed in the power of customer service for neutralising crisis. Better customer service can create better customer relations and more satisfaction. This may act as a cushion against the fall and avoid major unwanted results. When the market experiences slowdowns and such a situation we can try verified means for improving sales. The cloud-native ERP seems to be one such a potent tool.

The cloud-native ERP

You Got To Be A Part Of The Change Now Or Never

Often, we say that difficulties lead to innovations and you must work for it, beyond your limits. If you take this as a challenge to overcome with more power and solutions, then this is the best time for it. Difficulties can either lock us up or make us bloom into better beings. As an entrepreneur, this can be the most challenging phase you have ever faced but this could also be the best phase for your growth and development. You can strive for the best innovation and do so much more.

Identify the core areas to focus

During this lockdown, when blooming civilizations were pushed behind doors, and forced to stay indoors, they looked for essentials. They looked for what they truly need and want. Said this, it doesn’t only mean products or services, but what they seek from a brand. Or, what they expect from a brand. You can evaluate your services and check what you offered them and what you missed. This will crystalize areas where you need to focus and improve.

Feel the pulse

Often we have too many a task to do and hence miss a few details. Now you have lesser business activities and more time to understand the market, your customers and other stakeholders. Therefore, you have it all to feel the pulse and act on it.

Foresee demand and strategize

When you study markets, customer behaviour and past trends and analyse them in relation to one another, you get crucial insights. These insights help you to understand and know what the demand can be in days to come. You can also use AI-enabled business tools for such flawless analysis and prediction. It enables you to obtain breakthroughs. So, make the most from it with workable and suitable strategies.

Utilize business automation tools

There is seldom anything more potent than suitable business automation tools for your business now. The market it overcrowded and getting attention in such a scenario is a real challenge. Custom business solutions enable you to cut through this challenge and create your space. This is required.

Refine customer experience

We have often told, and so do experts say that nothing saves you more than a pool of loyal customers. So, most of your activities should be concentrated on offer better customer service and improving their experience with your brand.

Innovation is the way to excel and so is better customer service. Make sure you are doing enough to ensure that.