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21 Dec, 2021

Why Entrepreneurs Prefer Hiring Android App Development Services

Over the years, we have pondered over what’s the best strategy or tool for a business. We looked for the latest emerging solutions and innovative ideas, but exclusivity doesn’t always serve well.

Several brands have transformed their stories by upgrading to mobile apps – it’s one of the most effective ways for digital transformation. Starbucks, Forbes, Alibaba, Lancome, and others are already eminent brands that chose to have their own apps despite being immensely successful without them.

Investing in mobile app development wasn’t a mindless decision by those brands. Lancome saw a 17% increase in their conversion rate, 36% sales through the mobile app. The engagement rate for Forbes increased by 100% and a 43% increase in their mobile session. Alibaba’s engagement rate also multiplied 4 times. There was a 14% increase in iOS users and a 30% increase in Android users.

Since there are more Android users than iOS, it makes more sense to invest in custom Android application development for reaching out to more potential customers, at a time.

custom Android application development

What’s The Best Business Tool To Begin With?

The business ecosphere is evolving rapidly, surpassing the latest innovations, and discovering fresh means for excelling in the process. Since automation has been a gamechanger in business, demand for automation tools is high. But not every solution is meant for every business; to begin the digital transformation of a business, a business app will be the best, particularly, an Android app. So, make sure to hire the best Android app development services near you.

Basic and essential

Android smartphones and devices are comparatively lesser expensive than iOS devices. The tools and systems required for custom Android application development are commonly available and do not cost much. An Android app is decent and sufficient enough for showcasing the brand, facilitating sales and customer interaction as well. If you want to switch to an online mode of business, it can provide you with a standard app.

Quicker development and deployment

Android apps can be developed in a comparatively lesser time, say within a few hours. Its easy working model, readily available tools and systems simplify development. Thus, entrepreneurs can have ready-for-the-market, well-functioning Android apps.

Highly versatile

Developers use Android Studio that allows an Android app to be used on smartphones, tablets, television, and Android wearables. Not just devices, developers can even make the apps compatible with evolving technologies like the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. Thus, it’s highly versatile multiplying the scope of use of an Android app, which takes your business to the largest possible potential customers.

Ample scope for customization

Interestingly, Android is an open-source platform that allows developers to modify its features according to varying requirements. As a result, entrepreneurs can make minor modifications to use an app for multiple devices, purposes, and benefit from them. This makes Android app more popular than iOS apps.

android app development

Is It A Wise Move To Invest In Something That’s Already Popular?

This is a question we often need to ask ourselves before investing but consider multiple perspectives before arriving at a final decision.

Before deciding on an investment subject, get absolute clarity on its purpose. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s already popular or not. What matters the most is how effective is it for your business. How much potential it has for improving your business? Exclusive ideas are charming and convincing but if don’t serve your purpose, then it’s simply not worth your money.

Mobile apps are a proven tool for increasing sales, boosting brand value, and securing customer confidence. So, when you are considering a good tool for your business, this thought may cross your mind. When it does, take time to pause and evaluate its utilities regarding your business goals. Go for it if Android app development services can create a difference for your venture.