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1 Jun, 2020

Why Are Millennial Entrepreneurs So Euphoric About Android Business Apps?

Switching to smartphones was the best thing we could have done. The civilization developed at a galloping speed and we cannot thank the little smart phones enough for that. After years of drawing benefits, we might have started finding faults in it but can we survive without it?

It is a staple ingredient for millennial beings for our regular fitness and nutrition guidance, news update, transportation locator and a friend on demand. Above everything else, it is a little but powerful tool for budding entrepreneurs. All you need is a great business idea and the rest comes to your through your Android smartphone. Most of the popular apps are Android apps too. So, if you own a business then you must hire an Android app development company for your business app. But why are Android apps so popular?

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Why Is The World Queuing After Android Phones?

You will hardly meet a person who doesn’t use a smartphone, rather an Android phone. There’s a line of good reasons that made Android the most popular among smartphones. Here we mention some of those high-ranking reasons.

Affordable and low on maintenance

When it comes to price, Android phones are the smartest of the options – they are less costly, commonly available and quite easy to maintain. This is a very crucial factor and a major cause of the markets’ inclination towards buying Android smartphones.

More Android phone manufacturers

Android smartphones cost lesser because there is a good number of manufacturers for the same. While on the other hand, Apple and Windows phones don’t have that number of manufacturers and hence their availability is limited.

More compatible with smart devices

It is difficult to imagine your life without smart assistance by eligible devices. Now, these devices need to connect with your smartphone for getting access to relevant data and perform its programmed functions. So, having an Android smartphone is an advantage. If you own an enterprise, it doubles up as a business tool too.

Versatile Android devices

Android users are spoilt for choice – besides smartphones, they have a generous number of smart devices and their smartphones are compatible with all of them. They can cost-effectively enjoy a bunch of gadgets. Often users cannot resist this utility and the market is highly inclined towards Android smartphones.

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Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Android App Development Company

Earlier in this blog, and several other blogs published before this one, we have talked about the crucial significance of Android apps and suggested to hire the best Android app development company that you can find. While getting an Android app is a necessity for business, here we discuss some of the pros and cons of hiring a company for developing your business app.

Pro 1: Data security

You cannot afford to be casual with your data security. A registered app development company, whether they are into native Android app development or hybrid apps, maintain high standards in data security. As an organization, they get into a contract serving mutual interests. So, by hiring an app development company you ensure your data is not threatened.

Con 1: Premium product

A reputed company cannot compromise with app quality, data security and other preventive measures. So, while taking care of these minor but significant details, the price may get a bit higher.

Pro 2: Technical expertise

One of the best and unparallel advantages of hiring an app development company is that you can utilize the expertise of certified professionals. The resources are not just rich in knowledge, but their skills have been seasoned by experiences. You get access to a pool of experts for your app.

Con 2: Dependence on updates

This is quite a testing limitation because it is tough to wait for your app. Especially when your peers are celebrating their benchmarks. You can consider it as a limitation, but the scene remains the same when you hire a freelancer. It gets complicated and uncertain when a freelancer does this job.

Pro 3: Round-the-clock support

A company doesn’t just create your app but even supports you. After the app is delivered, if there is any issue regarding the app, you can always get in touch with its support team. Now, this is possible only because being a company, it has a good number of resources and thus a team is allotted to support you. However, you may not find this committed support from freelancing developers.

Con 3: Delay in a project due to communication gap

When a company creates an app, you can enjoy several advantages. However, you may experience a delay in getting your app delivered. This is not usual but a stray incident but may happen with you. It happens primarily while communication to different professionals in the team. While having a team is an advantage improper communication or communication gap can delay the work too.

If you are yet to have an app for your business, you are taking your business development back by a few years. Catch up with euphoric millennial entrepreneurs making the most from their business apps, for serving their goals.