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12 Aug, 2020

What’s So Wrong With Advising?

Would you listen to me if I say you to invest your savings in an uncertain stock? No sane person would do that. But what if a market analyst advises you to do it? Practically, a market analyst would not advise but may suggest you.

Often, we mistake an expert’s suggestion as his or her advice. An expert professional is well aware of the current situation, upcoming trends and possible risks. He or she would not give you a conclusion, instead, leave it on you to decide. It is always your call. The same holds true for a business consultant as well.

Why We Suggest And Never Advise You?

You must have often heard people saying, or it might have been said to you as well, that you are the best person to decide for yourself. Advising is telling you something without leaving scope for anything else. While on the other hand suggestion is giving you rationalised options for any matter in question. Here are some existing reasons for people to not advise but suggest instead.

It may seem like disregarding the others’ knowledge

Every individual is intelligent in varying degrees. Everyone has a perception and understanding of things. Perception and understanding vary from one individual to another. So, when we advise a person, it, kind of overshadows the other’s knowledge and understanding of the same.

It may seem more authoritative than acceptable

Human behaviour and emotions are the most difficult to decode. When we advise, we might not know what the other person’s frame of mind is. We also don’t know how they may perceive our advice. Nothing is wrong as long as it is accepted in a good light. However, things may become unfavourable when even a friendly advice sounds more authoritative than acceptable.

The other might be prevented from learning

People learn from their mistakes, often the hard way. We may try to prevent the other person from facing difficulties and tend to advise. That may save the other person from a momentary risk but what about the future? Such a situation may occur again. Will we there to advice and avert the risk again? So, even by advising we unknowingly prevent the other person from learning important lessons.

We must help when they ask for it

It is a universal truth that an unwanted help never gets heeded, rather overlooked. The same holds true even for advice. When we advise, we do so after quite a lot of brainstorming, evaluation and judgement. It hurts when the advice gets overlooked. So, we must never advise when it is not asked for. By doing so, we just don’t save our self from the undue grilling but avoid being taken for granted.

We love hearing from you. It is your ambitious goals that feed our challenges which we strive to overcome and excel in the process. Our expert business consultants attend your queries and suggest the best possible solutions for your business. The final call has always been and will always be yours.