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17 Aug, 2020

Video Content Is Influencing Consumer Behaviour Like Never Before

Audio-visual content has always dominated over either audio or printed content. Did you see anyone listening to the radio or only reading a newspaper and not watching television? You can even leave your television set aside because smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs dominate the space. Video content effectively influences public opinion.

Millennials Have A Great Appetite For Video Content

Why do we check YouTube every now and then? While returning home did you find your co-passengers watching videos? We love videos more than anything else. Video is captivating and makes us fall for it during our free time. So, let’s dig into some facts and understand the key reasons behind the soaring demand for online videos.

Audio-visual communication

What you see and hear is more effective than what you either see or hear. In a video, you get to enjoy audio-visual content which is ultimately interesting and anchoring.

Highly entertaining and inspiring

Video content is entertaining. You can catch your favorite show, a movie, or dance while holding the device close to you. Communication is entirely interpersonal. Mostly we watch video content from our smartphones. Hence, we are the only ones to see the screen and receiver of the message. Besides entertaining, it inspires us seamlessly.

Learn almost anything

YouTube is flooded with DIY videos from stitching to making miniatures. You can get to learn anything that you may think of or want to learn under the sun and moon. It’s great for people who cannot make enough time for their hobbies.

A great idea to escape

Life can stress us in some of the most uncomfortable of ways. Thankfully, you have your smartphone and some amazing video content to catch-up. You can watch motivation videos, watch people overcome their limitations by themselves, success stories and so on. It allows you to switch modes from negative to inspiring. You may call it an escape plan but that’s even recharging.

Exclusive information

Videos seem easy, but they are not. It takes a lot of effort – research, planning, shooting, editing and screenplay to create a video from scratch. The information shared on social media must never be stale. Otherwise, you can be trolled mercilessly.

How Can You Optimally Use Video For Branding?

Besides entertaining video content is also very influencing. It anchors our interest and shares the message with resulting in the desired intent. Interestingly, different companies are using video content increasing brand awareness and increase sales.

Products in action are more real than other promotions

Promotions are direct marketing, directly telling people how good your products and services are. After a certain point in time, such videos become predictable and lose its sheen. Instead, it’s always rewarding to show real products, its utilities as a story. Such communication always pays off.

Product tutorials create unexpected customers

Product tutorials have emerged as the surprise entrant. Product tutorials are no more boring but have great sales potential. When you are watching a product tutorial, your mind is prepared for the product and pays attention to how to use it. Often viewers have actually bought the product shown.

Customer testimonials for unmatched credibility

Interestingly shot customer testimonials are a great way to make your brand more credible. It’s always good to hear from people who have already used the product or service. So, video client testimonials can highly leverage your brand and make your brand more credible.

Unique product videos

You must have already heard that what you sell is not as important as how you sell. How the market perceives your brand depends on how you present it to them. This is where product videos can make a difference. Hire an innovative agency for making unique product videos. If you can create a great impression about your products through video content, then it gives an added advantage to your brand.

Innovation gets innovative with days and difficulties. The recent challenges that pushed us to the brink. It has forced to think not outside the box but as if no box ever existed. Technology has become more dynamic and lucid than ever. Thankfully, it’s highly affordable and available. Pick your tools well and create your winning roadmap. Written words are great but now they need to come along with visuals. Do tell us how video content has made a difference for your brand.