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25 Aug, 2020

Transforming Technologies: Remote Meter Checking Can Be The Solution

We have built one of the finest versions of this civilization. However, as we faced the pandemic head-on, certain loopholes came to the fore. We cannot ignore them for long because we are still not out of it and we cannot rule out such situations again.

The furore over exaggerated electricity bills in Maharashtra and the recent uproar in West Bengal is a consequence of one such unattended requirements. The practice of checking meters manually from home to home by appointed officials of electricity distribution organisations is an age-old practice. According to circulated causes, during the lockdown officials could not record the used units and sent average unit counts. Later, it added the uncounted units and that accumulated to a huge number and amount.

The issue lied in manual record-keeping or recording of electricity units of the consumers. However, this can be solved with remote operation and management.

Remote Operation And Management

Business automation and support tools have been a major breakthrough for operating a business in 2020. Automation tools like ERP system, CRM solution and others have been easing tasks like never before. Its utility has further spurred the demand for ERP software development services, custom CRM software solution,s and others. Here’s why you must build your systems for remote operation and management now more than ever.

Extraordinary productivity

When it comes to productivity, it cannot be a mechanic process. It’s good to have a routine but never a monotonous and robotic process. Besides a favorable working space and atmosphere, convenience is important. Often commuting to the office can be stressful and this affects productivity. Instead, remote working allows you to eliminate commuting hassles and save your energy for professional responsibilities.

Limit the cost of operation

Regular cost of operation at the office and other properties ends up as huge expense at the end of a month. By allowing your teams to work from home, you can save a lot of money. However, this might not be applicable to organisations that have to directly interact with their clients.

Higher employee satisfaction

Good productivity even encourage employees. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. When you create scope for employees to work remotely then they can work from their comfort zones and with more flexibility. This kind of working experience is liberating and thus satisfying for employees.

Reduced wastage

Working from office involves using resources which can be avoided. As a result, it creates a large amount of waste; it increases a substantial carbon footprint. Remote working can control such waste and reduce carbon footprints from the globe. It doesn’t just allow your organisation to reduce your expense but even controls pollution.

Unlimited versatile resources

Often potential candidates decline offers because of the geographical location of companies or the distance between it and them. This happens more when the candidate doesn’t want to relocate. The company loses a good resource and the candidate loses a good opportunity. However, this limitation is nullified by the alternative of working from home.

Your organisation can tap into the best possible talent and build a great team to work for you. Interestingly, it encourages employees to offer their best and sincere efforts. This goes a long way in increasing productivity and holistically contributes to the growth and development of organisations.

How Can You Check Meter Remotely?

Business automation has liberated trade and commerce more than anything else ever did. Remote working and management take this ease of operation and management a step ahead. Electricity distribution companies too can take advantage of such tools for remote meter checking.

The coronavirus crisis has thrown us into situations that we did not or could not have fathomed for long. While taking precautions on war-footing and as we followed necessary guidelines, we missed a few important things.

Electricity supplying companies could not get meter readings from individual consumers because it is done manually. The consumers were billed on assumptions during the lockdown period and later the unrecorded units added up to mammoth figures. The huge uproar on unrealistic electricity bills is even taken to the courts. However, this crisis could have been averted with remote meter checking utilities.

IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can make this happen. These integrate the components in a common environment and enables remote meter checking. When implemented, this would be the next big thing and transform services further. Most importantly, it will avert such chaos and possible image crisis for electricity supplying organisations which have earned its name through decades of valued service.