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7 Jul, 2022

Top 5 Ugly Factors of iOS App Development You Had No Idea!

Did you know? iOS is the second-most used operating system globally. Moreover, it has an extraordinary adoption rate. More than 85% of users are on the latest version. This is no secret that iOS app development company has changed the world dramatically. More and more people are using iPhones, Tabs and Apple gadgets these days. Also, there are more iOS app developers with multiple skills than before.

The 5 Ugly Sides of iOS App Development You Didn’t Know About!

With so many things happening, it is easy to focus on the good parts of custom iOS app development instead of the challenges that might come up in the process. That doesn’t mean that those sides are not crucial. You need to know them to learn to adapt and deal with them. So, what are those? Let us share the five ugly sides of iOS app development services that you didn’t know without further ado.

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#1 It’s VERY Tough to Get Good Reviews

Why is this? And more so, why is this specifically applicable for iOS? Even when you get many downloads of your app, getting great reviews is the more challenging thing to achieve. If your app has bugs, you are going to hear about it. Thus, it’s hard to recover from once the 1-star reviews start dropping in. That’s where the question of quality comes into play. Custom iOS app development must be top-notch.

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Otherwise, you are not going to pass through the Apple Store guidelines. And even if you manage, the audience (which includes many developers and testers) will not let you go. As with any business, ensuring your customer’s happiness is your end goal. Listen to the feedback from the users and take their suggestions. The better they feel about using the app, the more are your chances of getting 5-star reviews.

#2 Getting NO Reviews is Worse!

The ugliest thing about custom iOS app development is NOT getting any reviews. When there are no reviews, people assume that your app is either just approved or has very low customer satisfaction. Both scenarios are not good for business. So, what to do when you don’t get any reviews? First, build relationships with your customers who didn’t leave a review yet.

Send an email asking for reviews and ensure they have everything they need to leave a review (like taking care of the bugs). You can make more money in the long run when you get more reviews. Do you know why? Apple will use reviews as a part of its ranking algorithm.

#3 App Store Optimization (ASO) is Not Easy

Optimizing the app within such a crowded marketplace is not easy. ASO is becoming increasingly important because many users go through the list of trending apps. There are certain factors to keep in mind.

  • You must send quality traffic to your listing.
  • To do that, think about the keywords people would use to search for your app.
  • Base all the marketing efforts around the phrase or keywords.
  • Sit back and let Apple do the magic.

Don’t worry if it takes too long to work. Try to tweak things up a bit. After all, the search optimization thing doesn’t happen overnight. However, once you see more downloads and great reviews, all the custom iOS app development efforts will be worth it.

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#4 Know Which of the Metrics Matter

Did you know? Most of the consumers in China use smartphones, but 30% of them don’t have any credit cards. What might surprise you is that many Chinese e-commerce sites like Alibaba will only accept major credit cards. This is problematic for those who shop online because they will be exposed to potential scams or fraud. However, US companies can reach out to mobile payment options like Alipay or WeChat and try to build the app around those types of purchases.

#5 It’s Tough to Sell to China

Apple products have a high reputation for being high-quality and hip. The Chinese consumers are some of the biggest fans of Apple. Not only do they buy Apple gadgets more than any other country, but also, they spend 3X more on Apple apps and subscriptions. Now, the question is, why is it difficult to penetrate the Chinese market? The problem in iOS app development companies is the local competition, the cultural quirks, and the simple logistics, which become a major problem for international companies trying to break into China.

Some of the notable companies that failed to grab the Chinese market include Uber (which lost millions before giving up) and Spotify (Which couldn’t even operate in China). There are a lot of reasons these companies struggled. These include culture clashes, technical difficulties in payment systems, government regulation issues, and inconsistent rollout timing. However, despite the problems, many well-known brands sell products through sites like Tmall Global.

If you plan to sell in China without running an online storefront yourself – by partnering or licensing with another brand- you must find a business partner who speaks English.

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In a Nutshell

There is no denying that custom iOS app development has changed a lot within the last few years. With the demand for iOS developers increasing, these are the five challenging factors you should consider during the iOS app development process. When you are a professional, you will start to forget that what is obvious to you is not so obvious to people from other industries.

Apple makes a lot of effort to introduce new features and hardware for iOS while expanding on the Swift language. There are a lot of qualities and internal processes to develop an app. Thus, unexpected details are not obvious to people working outside the industry. An iOS app development company needs to cater to the needs of its audience.