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16 Aug, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Your CRM Needs Artificial Intelligence as Its Partner in Crime

There is no denying that customer relationship management software is the most sought-after software in the world. Did you know? By the end of 2025, CRM software all over the globe will reach more than $80 million in revenue. If you are a CRM development services company, you know that the CRM software itself is feature-rich and is a fully functional tool. It is presently going through a significant transformation propelled by AI.

Organizations are seeking the best CRM software that also comes with AI capabilities. CRMs are highly effective data collection tools. These tools empower businesses to collect, manage, store and centralize interactions. In addition, with highly efficient management and automated client outreach, the CRM helps to create long-lasting relationships with customers.

The volume of data generated daily is growing exponentially. Thus, the needs of business companies have shifted as well. At present, every business organization needs a CRM development services company. This helps them to extract, analyse and interpret data in real-time for quick and well-researched decisions.

The Top 5 Reasons to Use AI in the CRM of Your Business

According to the reports of Salesforce, the AI-powered CRM garnered more than $1.1 trillion in new GDP and 800,000 new jobs globally in 2021. It has emerged to have a highly competitive edge in a saturated business environment. Thus, in this blog today, we are going to share the details and examine the applicatory potential of a CRM.

You Get Your Own Virtual Assistant (Not Asking Trillion Questions)

Customer Relationship Management, along with the AI capabilities, empowers the employees to become more efficient and productive. This helps to manage the calendars, schedule meetings, make phone calls, take notes and follow-ups, and assist them in the daily manual task. A CRM development services company takes up all the annoying administrative duties that debilitate the workflows. They do this with the help of the best CRM software development services. These include:

  • AI-based calendar management tools help set up meetings automatically and manage the calendars.
  • Listening and note-making tools capture all the discussions throughout the sales meetings. Thus, you won’t have to fret over missing any crucial point.
  • The call analytics software from the CRM Salesforce records calls gathers transcripts, captures the time-stamped notes, and highlights the references for the topics of specific interest.

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Segmenting Customers and Taking Names

AI-driven CRM helps in becoming more and more granular in customer segmentation. Intelligent algorithms can segment customers according to demographics, likes, dislikes, and purchasing behaviour. You can check the previous data on customer behaviour and then predict future behaviour. This helps you to offer personalized engagement messages. The more targeted your marketing is, the higher leads you can convert. A CRM development services company can help you by:

  • They use big data to target a specific set of potential customers instead of a large, broadly defined group.
  • An automated segmentation engine helps to create detailed segments and execute targeted campaigns from a single data hub.

Simplify the Lead Management

Likely, the sales reps might not follow up on a specific lead because they forgot or are overburdened with work. This happens all the time. When the sales volume is higher, it is tough for a challenge to go through all of them. However, you cannot ignore the leads, especially when they are qualified. When you combine AI with CRM, that’s when you get a lead-gen powerhouse. The unstoppable combination increases the outputs without compromising the quality of interaction.

  • The AI tools can replicate the sales agents, which act as the 1st point of contact between a lead and an organization through SMS messaging and emails.
  • Search tools garner leads from different mediums whenever a prospective customer is showing a buying intention.
  • The predictive analysis prioritizes accounts and contacts depending on the probability of purchasing and engage. This helps the sales reps to focus on the best leads while building a better pipeline.

Increase Customer Engagement & Retention

With the help of AI-enabled CRM software, a CRM software development company can help in creating tailor-made experienced and interactions while determining the emotional state of mind through voice-based or text-based words, conversation patterns, and tone.

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The AI-enabled CRM can also perform a sentiment analysis and image recognition technology for understanding customer satisfaction with the product in real-time. When you get insightful data, you can also identify potential problems quickly and respond to the customers accordingly.

  • The AI-enabled CRM can parse through customer feedback and reviews and determine the general tone.
  • It helps predict the caller’s intent, increases case resolution, and reduces escalation cases through speech analytics.

Close More and Lose Less

When you opt for a CRM development services company, they create custom software that offers valuable insights and intelligent recommendations throughout the various stages of the sales funnel. Thus, it helps the sales reps close the deal quickly on the next best course of action.

Also, it helps to identify which buyer has the right intent to buy. Thus, it speeds up the sales cycle, determining the instances which have both positive and negative impacts on the pipeline for managing the following pipeline more effectively. When you bring AI and CRM management software together, it offers comprehensive information on all the parameters. Thus, it ensures a higher number of closes.

The examples include:

  • AI-Based CRM offers smart suggestions, forecasts, and detailed insights so that the sales reps can include them in lead management, sales pitch, and quotes.
  • AI-driven software places similar products categorically. Thus, it optimizes the local list prices from dealers/distributors/sales companies while also considering the discount offers, payment terms, and incentives to ensure optimized and dynamic pricing.

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In Conclusion

When it comes to a CRM software development company, there is no doubt that CRM systems integrated with AI are here to stay. The combined software plays a pivotal role in the way an organization functions. Fusing both is the ideal way to enhance sales intelligence and boost revenue.