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21 Mar, 2022

The Success of Starbucks App: How their Mobile App help them Flourish

You are the luckiest being in your family tree. All the major transformations are happening now; they have been happening over the last few years. Technology has been a massive force behind some of the major transformations in education, business, social development, health and lifestyle, travel and tourism, agriculture, and more sectors.

When markets across the world struggled for existence, some thrived. Customer relations emerged both as a challenge as well as a strategy for survival. Strong customer relations helped brands to retain their customers despite adverse market conditions.

Tech solutions are redefining customer relationships resulting in valued brand image and effortless customer retention.

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Starbucks – How It Got Closer To You With The Help Of Technology?

In 2009, Starbucks launched Starbucks Card Mobile application and MyStarbucks app, using which customers could find out nearby stores, nutrition details, and even an interactive drink builder. Both of the apps were launched in the App Store, targeting a particular group of people. It turned out to be a wise decision (you already know that it was a major success that helped the brand flourish more).

Apps have been proved to be a game-changer for improving retail experiences. It plays a key role in securing brand sustainability. Let me walk you through how Starbucks’ apps won us.

Refined customer relationship

The apps refined customer service and customer relationships and amplified brand image without making it look like a task. Customers love discounts and rewards; this is true for every group of customers. Starbucks offered rewards through its apps. It allows customers to track their previous orders in real-time, without any manual activities. Customers received higher rewards by ordering in a row, scope to rewards more quickly through personalized challenges.

Automated and real-time past order trackability resonated well with its customer base and created an interesting reason to come back to it. Technology removed blockers and refined its customer relationship.

Personalized experiences

Starbucks was smart enough to understand the brewing craze for personalized customer experiences. Customers were no longer satisfied with standard practices and experiences, they wanted more. This pushed the celebrated coffeehouse to create a unique experience for its customers. The Starbucks app doesn’t just track your past order but even remembers them. So, when you order your brew, it suggests something like your previous orders. It claims to know what you prefer and suggests you one that you are almost certain to like.

Effortless order placement and collection

Waiting in a queue for a coffee isn’t fair. Whether it is at a day-end or beginning, or any time in a day, waiting is quite a pain. Through its app, Starbucks tried to dissolve the waiting period. Customers can order their brew through the app and collect it at their convenience. These tiny little things can create a significant difference. It addresses customers’ concerns and presents a caring image of the brand. Customers prefer going back to brands that care about their concerns and act on them. Starbucks scored good points here.

Convenient location finding

Often finding the restaurant, in this case, the coffee shop can be a challenge. This was trouble, even though a tiny one. So, what the app by Starbucks did was dissolve this issue with its location services. When customers ordered coffee, they could get suggestions about nearby stores from where they can pick up their order. It shares information about the location, seat availability, and hours of their operation.

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Why An iOS App?

An app is the most convenient way to reach, instantly, create a desirable impression, sell easily and sell more. These are the common utilities of using an app. These are the reasons why entrepreneurs have a separate budget allotted for business app development.

When it comes to apps, the inclination is mostly towards Android apps, but Starbucks did not go for Android mobile app development.

While an Android app could reach the maximum number of people but it’s more meaningful to reach your maximum target audience. Starbucks did not mistake in choosing an exclusive platform for its app – iOS.

You can hire an Android app development company too for your iOS app because a firm that develops Android app also have dedicated teams for iOS app development. Now let me elaborate on how Starbucks’ decision to have its iOS app added to its success.

Starbucks, like any other business, has a clear business objective – to increase its sales, multiply revenue, build the brand along, and other allied purposes. By deciding to have an iOS app, it narrowed down its focus on its target audience. Not everyone uses an iPhone; Starbucks’ target customers are the elite, non-conservative, and experimental customers which matches with the group of iPhone users. Thus, it makes more sense to have an iOS app instead of an Android app, for Starbucks.

When you are offering premium products, it has to be on an exclusive platform. What else is better than iOS? iOS apps are highly revered for their extraordinary user experiences. Captivating user interfaces, great app build that offer diligent user experience. All these add up to offer a wholesome brand experience.

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With smart strategies and complementing tools, a successful venture isn’t far. Getting successful in business is not luck but meticulous planning and brilliant execution. So, plan your business well!

Final Thoughts

Starbucks is dominating the global market due to its exclusive customer experience. Any consumer’s experience at Starbucks is different from any other coffee shop due to the welcoming ambiance, intimate atmosphere, and unmatched service. Their inviting “ideal coffee ambiance” has proved to be a sustainable advantage for them. Their personalized customer experience and on-site partnerships received extraordinary customer responses offering a leading seat within the industry. With an all-inclusive customer-focused marketing strategy, Starbucks has a strong market position.