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3 Oct, 2020

Online Has Everyone

The virtual world, or online space, and remote working gained more prominence now more than ever. The covid19 pandemic shifted our focus to this dimension. Won’t we thank it still?

Why are we lamenting over enforced social distancing and blaming it for business, not as usual? Yes, you do have limitations, some of the weirdest of them all, because we did not face it before. But don’t we all forgive everything that happens for ‘the first time’?

Usual meetings, trade and negotiations, seminars, classes, and every kind of operation have been restricted. However, nothing stops unless you stop it at your will.

Enforced social distancing, closing down businesses, schools, and educational institutes, and every operational unit was a desperate attempt to save you. Business, trade, and commerce did hit a pathetic low, but the organizations could have averted this mess and restricted the damage to a minimum scale.

The other alternative emerged as the great savior and indeed saved many and inspired some.

business automation tools

We Took Refuge At The Online Space

This space has been existing for many decades and we have been using it too. But only recently, it became the only means for survival. During the pandemic this is what we all have been doing – we are putting our best efforts into survival.

Work from home

Whether you are working for an IT firm or teaching, or you are an accountant, or in HR, bureaucracy, or a conservationist, or an artist, or anyone from any other field, you have worked from home during the lockdown. Working from home is the new normal. However, implementing the same wasn’t easy for everyone, from varying industries and differing nature of work.

While working out ways to make things more suitable and supporting for working from home, we realized the swelling importance for business automation. By implementing staple business automation tools like an Custom ERP system, you can smartly and cost-effectively manage your resources and make the most from it. When we are hit by the pandemic, we have limited resources, but tasks remain the same. Therefore, we use tools that enable us to get the maximum possible output. CRM solutions and mobile app are other such solutions.

Online education

This pandemic taught us to teach online – from a kindergarten goer to college and university students, from painting to baking, swimming, playing, and many other activities. Both teachers and students have experienced smart classes, but this was a different ballgame altogether. Schools shifted to online schooling and likewise, other agents and mediums followed. Thus, there was a huge surge in online traffic and online presence. It attracted cybercriminals’ attention too.

Often, we don’t pay heed to precautionary measures suggested for optimum security and effectiveness. Different reports surfaced about hacking emails, for collecting donations and similar crimes. Unverified and open video conferencing platforms became common hunting grounds for cybercriminals. School management software or the school ERP systems, however, have been effective in conducting online classes and managing the entire process in a secured environment.

Webinars & video conferences

Education, trade, and business evolved to their smartest version during this pandemic. Teachers’ conferences, training and seminars changed to webinars. Office meetings and conferences changed to video conferences and the online team meets. Interestingly, it amplified productivity. The workforce could easily switch from home to work. It encouraged their creativity; it enabled the teachers, trainers, and mentors to secure enough time for enhancing their lessons.

It created a dynamic and inspiring environment for operation. While it posed a few challenges, it provided enough scope flexibility, creativity, and innovation.

Online selling

If you ask us to point out one of the best outcomes from this adverse condition, then it would the major shifting of different business to online mode. During this pandemic and lockdown, when social distancing is has been dominating every space, business owners sold online through business apps.

There was a huge demand for business applications from different industries, kinds, and capacity of businesses. There was also a similar surge in online services.

Online consultation

During this pandemic, we have consulted emergency services online, either because we could not travel due to lack of transport, or because of the fear of contamination. However, we did take care of our and family’s health by consulting doctors online. We have also consulted career experts, psychologists, trainers and mentors online for their valuable inputs and suggestions.

Life and living did not stop during the lockdown, it shouldn’t have been either. It just opened up the gates wide enough for us to discover it and make the most from it. The online space has much to offer provided we can utilise it the right way.
Whether you are an entrepreneur or chasing your dreams for the ultimate goal, online space and automation tools can help you. Speak to experts and find out the most suitable one for your purpose. Talk to us at any time!