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29 May, 2019

Mount Everest Day: Apps to Self-Train For Trekking

It can be a call from majestic mountains or the adventure of making way through rough terrains surrounded by lush greenery, or it can also be an affinity for the rippling and bubbling sound of a river flowing across the mountains. There can be any reason or all of them, to fall in love with trekking in India and elsewhere.

Hiking is a breather and you must be willing to do everything for a trekking tour. Unlike other trips, you need to prepare your body and mind for trekking; and you can self-train for that. Enrolling in a gym, multiple appointments with a nutritionist, going for checkups to prepare your body for a trek can scare professionals chasing deadlines. Some even drop their hiking plans because they cannot commit to such pre-trekking preparations. But you can explore the benefits of certain apps with which you can train yourself, according to your convenience. There are even a number of effective mobile apps for trekking. You can explore them too.

How Can You Use Apps For Maximum Trekking Advantage?

Innovative mobile applications have paved the way for self-care. You can primarily use them to ensure that you meet the basic health standards for trekking. There are a number of health apps that can closely guide you to follow a suitable diet according to your body-type, suggest exercises to prepare your body for trekking. Read below for details.

Access medical information

A user’s medical information is fed to the chosen health app. This enables you and the doctor whom you are consulting, to access the medical information and offer suitable treatment for your ailments.

Check calories and plan nutrition

You can check the calorie count of the food that you ate. Depending on the obtained data, you can then plan your nutrition, according to your convenience.

Regular fitness tracking

The best part of health apps is that it allows you to keep track of your health on a regular basis. Thus, you can check by yourself whether your fitness plan is working for you or not.

Personalized exercise planner

Your body type is different from the other and health apps offer you a personalized exercise regimen that would work out for your body. This makes health apps more like personal health instructors on demand.

Reminders for medicine intake

Often due to work pressure and other engagements, we tend to forget to take medicines on time. Certain health apps allow you to set reminders that will remind you to take medicines on time.

Immediate access to doctors

Most of the health apps come with a feature to consult doctors, round the clock, or during a specific time. Thus, you can avail yourself suggestions from health experts for your health condition, without compromising your work schedule.

Winning Features Of Trekking Apps

Trekking apps are a hit for regular hikers. Mount Everest Day is perhaps one of the best occasions to discuss some of the amazing features of trekking apps. These are what make them get downloaded often from the Play Store and App Store.

User-friendly interface

Trekking apps come with a lucid user interface. Since a trekker would be navigating through rough terrains and could be under unfavorable conditions, it is important to be able to use the app most easily. So almost every trekking app has a very user-friendly interface.

Flexibly choose measurement systems

The UPIs can pick from either a metric system or an imperial system.

Important alerts

You can set tolerance area, according to available information and the app would send you alerts whenever you reach near your point of interest if you chose the wrong path.

Share trail

You can share your trekking trail with your friend. You can send them the path, images and texts. You can also receive (import) your friend’s trial.

Multiple sound alerts

Such apps allow you to choose different sounds for different alerts so that you can differentiate between one from another.

Altitude value

The GPS data fetched by the app gives you accurate altitude value for a better trekking experience. It will also help you to become cautious of it and adopt safety measures.

No-internet access

One of the best features of trekking apps is that it allows you to register your trail even when there is no internet connection.

Trekking is an irresistibly indulging experience. The next time you plan for your hiking trip, make sure to utilize the available apps or reach to make one customized trekking app for you.