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14 Dec, 2021

Mobile App Development Increases Sales, Learnt From Those That Succeeded

Experiences matter the most. If you cannot feel a brand, you aren’t likely to buy its product or services. This is why brand strategists suggest having a business app as a compulsory tool. Even some of the best-known and high-earning brands like Nike, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and others, now have their own app.

Were they selling any less before having their app? Did they develop their mobile app to sell more? No for the former and yes for the later question. Of course, app-based selling helps you to sell more and does a lot more things other than boosting sales.

We don’t know which mobile app development agency will be the best for you but will certainly help you in finding it.

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Brands That You Love Are Switching To Custom Mobile App Development

In 2006, much before the tech bubble burst happened taking control of how we consumed regular essentials and luxury items, Nike launched its fitness app – Nike+. Users could access guided workouts showcasing Nike’s collection. Thus, it inspired healthy habits, regular workouts, and the amazing feeling of being in Nike’s merchandise.  Later Nike launched the Nike App. It’s the latest app from the brand that takes the Nike experience to a different level.

This digital transformation of Nike brought it greater tangible gains. According to Nike Inc.’s Report Fiscal 2021 Fourth Quarter and Full-year Results, the revenue increased by 96% ($12.3 billion) from last year which was largely affected by the pandemic.

Coca-Cola, one of the most celebrated cold beverages brands, across the world too endorsed mobile app as a part of their digital transformation. The mobile app development agency that Coca-Cola hired, used artificial intelligence and machine learning to refine the customer experience. As it fetches data using these technologies, it uses that to understand customer behavior to serve them better. Customers use the app to redeem loyalty points and also get their drinks at a discount.

Coca-Cola made significant gains from this transformation in terms of its revenue. It made $10.13 billion in the second quarter; it is more than the revenue earned in 2019 during the same period.

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How Does An App Leverage Customer Experience?

Mobile apps enhance customer experience and increase sales, quite effortlessly. Let me walk you through how it does that.

Apps increase accessibility-

Customers don’t need to move from their comfort zones to get what they need or want. It is a highly pleasing factor that increased the popularity of app-based selling.

Enhance engagement-

Custom mobile app development companies ensure your app looks amazing and offer a fluent user experience. They love browsing through your collection without a hitch and enjoy the process, it pleases their eyes and develops a desire to own it. That’s how an app influences buying choices.

Instant update and sales-

Apps use the push notification feature to alert customers about the latest offers, new arrivals, and any other update. Customers can avail of the deals at the earliest, pick the best from the latest arrivals and utilize related updates too. There is a bare minimum difference between liking a product and buying the same. They can buy the moment they like which increases the sales possibility.

Secured purchase and payment-

Increase online activities have made it a favorable ground for hackers too. Thus, online transactions weren’t safe until secured payment options were included in the apps. Mobile apps are built with verified and thus secured payment options which further enhance customer experiences.

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The difference between aspiring for a successful business and creating one is the right decisions, taken at the right time. As elaborated above, you surely know how custom app development can do you the much-needed help. Wait no longer!