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2 Aug, 2022

Let Your Jewelry Business Sparkle & Shine with a Custom Ecommerce Website

People often exclaim that ‘a piece of jewelry is a woman’s desire’; however, it’s not true! Had it been so, the online jewelry sales would not have been $7.6 billion in the year 2021, which is projected to grow to $60 billion by 2027. This also highlights that men equally love jewelry too! This makes it even more critical to start if you are considering getting a custom eCommerce website developed for your jewelry business.

The process of searching and shopping online is becoming easier by the day. Even luxury categories like jewelry that are usually difficult to access have thus discovered a novel way to reach a wider public.

Global Value of the Online Jewelry Market from 2020 to 2027
Image source: statista.com

How to start a jewelry business online?

Every year online jewelry business revenues rise by 5 to 6%, making it the right moment to showcase your products and earn prolifically. There are three great ways to sell your jewelry online-

  • Through an online store or ecommerce website
  • Through online marketplaces
  • Through social media

Decide what products you want to offer

The first thing is deciding what kind of jewelry you would like to sell online. If you already have a physical store and a fixed set of loyal customers who adore your products, you are already halfway through! However, if you are just starting, understanding which category of customers would like to buy the kind of jewelry you sell is vital. 

For instance, your niche is different if you want to sell jewelry made of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc.; it’s mainly the salaried or fixed-income earning class that likes to invest in precious jewelry. So, you need to target them. But, if you are more into fashionable, chic, and quirky jewelry, it appeals to the youngsters more. Then there is also a segment that likes vintage jewelry and another that is more into the fad of designer jewelry.

Understanding which product category will appeal to a particular set of customers more will help you offer the right products that suit their taste and preferences and thereby make your online business successful in the long run.

Start off with a custom eCommerce website

If you are wondering how to begin selling your jewelry online, remember that having a customized website showcasing your products beautifully is the first thing to do. Selling jewelry through your online store is the most professional way to build your online business. An eCommerce business helps you to reach out to a target customer base spread across the network. You can also control your store’s design and branding and display all your products in one place. Create a professional and consistent brand to provide a smooth customer journey from start to finish through your ecommerce website.

The online marketplace is another good opportunity

The significant thing about online marketplaces is that you don’t need to work hard to take your products in front of customers. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are immensely popular and get huge traffic daily.

The downside is that you cannot control your branding and face much competition from other brands selling in the same marketplace. In addition, you probably won’t get too many loyal or repeat customers, as you’re not creating a great brand.

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While you usually need not pay an expensive subscription to sell your jewelry through online marketplaces, you might still have to pay listing fees or transaction fees. But, again, it depends on which marketplace you choose. So always check the rules and costs before signing up, as it could affect your profits if the prices are too high.

Social media is another great platform

Nowadays, it is common to see people sell jewelry online on social media platforms. Facebook particularly serves as a great destination for online jewelry sellers.

However, once you get going, selling jewelry on social media can also be extremely time-consuming – especially when managing it daily. In addition, you might find you run into similar problems with branding as you do on marketplaces because your branding and designs are limited to the layout of your profile page. 

That being said, social media shouldn’t be overlooked as the ideal way to engage customers and build a business following.

sell jewelry online
Brands like Bulgari showcase all their products with great style

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/Bulgari/photos/10151771528534963

How to start an online jewelry business from home?

Well, the answer is through your online store or ecommerce website as it is the ideal way. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a web design or development veteran. Hiring a reputed ecommerce web design agencywill make the job effortless for you.

A website opens up your business to an entire world of prospective buyers. There are no boundaries for online jewelry stores. People from different countries can locate your products and purchase them even if they’re thousands of miles away, provided you also offer international shipping. And for just the town or city you’re in, your client base also expands dramatically.

Attractive, beautiful-looking website designs have always played a vital role in a successful online sales and marketing strategy. That’s because a beautiful design and an excellent color palette can increase the perceived value of your products. With jewelry, it becomes even more necessary to make your products look attractive, and the eCommerce product pages can do that for you.

The biggest benefit of an online business is that you can easily sell your products at home without going door-to-door. All you need is a compelling ecommerce website, and then see the results!

Creating a great ecommerce website to sell jewelry online

Have you ever thought, what do all custom ecommerce website designs need to succeed? Here is a list of all the essentials you must keep a check on:

Keep customization at the helm

Always remember that products like jewelry with an innate sense of luxury, exclusivity, and charm must be displayed in the most aesthetic manner possible. That will only help you attract your target customers towards them. Hence, always choose a custom-designed ecommerce website rather than something off-the-shelf. 

It will help you to showcase your products in the best way highlighting your unique designs, color palettes, textures, and any other element that allows them to look attractive. Understand that a clear display of your products on the website helps them to understand its superior quality and assure the customers that what they see I what they get!

Customization also allows you to offer several opportunities in terms of payment, shipping, etc. For instance, you can send notifications if customers keep the products in the cart too long and do not purchase them. In addition, you can notify them of offers on their preferred categories. You can also offer them the comfort of making payments through multiple channels like payment gateways, debit/credit cards, and cash on delivery. Thus, you can offer them a fantastic customer experience while shopping for your products online.

Maintain mobile responsiveness

You never know where your target customers will be browsing your sites; it could be a smartphone, a laptop, or even a desktop screen. They must get the perfect look, feel, functionality, and features of your ecommerce website on all of these devices. This also means that everything from the ‘Buy Now buttons to spec sheet downloads will have to work smoothly across all devices. The vital aspect of ‘mobile-responsiveness’ does precisely that for you. 

If you plan to grow your online presence significantly, then considering mobile app development to convert even more customers is the best idea. It will help you to reach the vast segment of users who constantly browse their mobiles and smartphones for online shopping.

User-friendly navigation is a must

A user-friendly website attracts maximum online visitors who are likely to stay longer on the site. We all know the disappointment of finding our way around a confusing website. An intuitive, super easy-to-navigate design builds trust in the customers’ minds and encourages potential ones to stick around on your ecommerce website, boosting conversions.

If they feel that your website was specifically designed, keep them in mind, and come back to use it each time they have a need you could solve.

For the best results, map out the customer journey before you begin your website’s design and development stage and use this information to inform its structure. The aim is to make it as quick and straightforward as possible for users to purchase online jewelry!

Efficiently designed SEO strategies

Well-designed SEO strategies help you cut through the tough competition in the online world. Almost everybody has jumped the bandwagon of online shopping; making your product reach them is pretty challenging. 

However, result-driven SEO practices implemented on your custom ecommerce website can help you rank it on top of the user’s search queries. So, when you start building your online store, ask your team of web designers to optimize each page for search engines.

Digital marketing solution

Offer an amazing user experience

Online shopping is all about memorable user experiences that, in turn, build loyal customers who keep coming back to shop from your online store. If your online jewelry store offers everything a customer wants in a seamless, smooth, and rewarding manner. It’s not enough for your site to look and feel excellent – it also needs to be equally functional and engaging at the same time.

They must be able to browse through the product catalogs easily, view the prices, go through the descriptions quickly, and easily buy and checkout from the page.

Top features of a compelling ecommerce website for your jewelry

High-Quality Images

Did you know that almost 51% of users want to see at least three different product photos from various angles before they commit to buying a product? Your description might be stunning, but it won’t be enough on its own to make shoppers click that buy button. Therefore, having stunning pictures, if possible, even videos that reveal the products aesthetically from different angles is a mandate.

How to start a jewelry business online
Tanishq consistently endeavors to showcase its products with a story-telling appeal

Image source: tanishq

Transparent Pricing

Pricing is the critical deciding factor for your customers to stay loyal to your products. Most customers turn away if they feel the price is too high or if there are hidden charges. Therefore, ensure you maintain transparency and give them the actual costs with all additional charges like shipping or same-day delivery charges if any. Also, mention discounted prices, so customers enjoy shopping for jewelry on your website.

Captivating Product Description
With an online jewelry store, you can’t notice which item the customer is eyeing up. However, you can make them get glued to each one of your product pages with eye-catchy headlines and product descriptions. So ensure each product page has an enticing, persuasive, and informative product description!

Showcase All Your Collection
You may have hundreds of products, while you might have listed just a few of those on your online store. Make sure you showcase as many products as possible to give your customers the maximum advantage. The more variety they will find, the higher the possibility of them purchasing your unique products.

Detailed Product Information
Many consumers hesitate to make online purchases — especially from new brands or the ones they may be unfamiliar with. So offer as much product information as possible to convince your customers that your product is high-quality and worth their money. Include detailed information about the size, type of material, color, ingredients, and price.

Add Related Products
When setting up your ecommerce jewelry website, be sure to add related product sections on product pages, as this functionality can help consumers find other relevant products that feel personalized to their tastes and needs.

Shipping Policy & Delivery
The most significant advantage of shopping in online stores is that it makes it possible for products to be delivered to customers’ doorsteps. If you plan to provide products in this manner, mention it in detail. Moreover, there might be a delay in the delivery of orders due to technical issues, so make sure you mention everything keeping in mind these crucial factors. It will help to build realistic customer expectations and not something unbelievably rosy!

Exchange/ Return Policy
Be very clear about this aspect. Keep in mind that if you are to offer fantastic customer experiences, offering them maximum flexibility is desirable.

Reviews & Ratings
Customers often look for available reviews on the products to make their purchases. It helps them gain satisfaction with the quality of the products and helps build the credibility of your online jewelry business.

Market your brand effectively

It is not enough to simply create your website and leave it. You must dedicate sufficient efforts to market it effectively. Marketing is an integral part of how to make your online jewelry business successful.

You can begin by running Facebook Ad campaigns if you’re targeting a broad digital audience. Facebook advertising is hugely popular because you can get specific with your targeting. For example, if you’re selling wedding rings, you could even target prospects who recently updated their status to “engaged.” Their social media behavior will reveal it.

If you’re trying to build a well-thought long-term strategy, you can try out ecommerce SEO and make sure you’re ranking for terms in your local area. For instance, you might fight for phrases like “diamond rings in SoHo.”

Email marketing is one of the significantly rewarding ways to build long-term relationships with your audience, which is excellent when trying to sell multiple jewelry items to loyal customers. You can also experiment with influencer marketing.

Final thoughts

At this point, you must have gathered the understanding of launching a jewelry brand online and start making money. As you learn how to sell jewelry online, you’ll understand that creating a brand comes down to truly understanding your audience. Ask yourself what makes your jewelry store different from the rest? Just remember that it will take time and efforts to ensure you get the right results. You’ll need to research, consider your customers, and pay close attention to the market changes as your brand evolves. Keeping a tab on your competitors can also be of great help.

If you are an enthusiastic business owner planning to take a leap with an ecommerce website, get in touch with us at SFT today. Our experts will help you create a captivating online store that will reflect your brand fantastically. We are just a call away!