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4 Apr, 2019

Internet Safety Is No Rocket-Science, You Can Ensure Cyber Safety Too!

Are you worried? Do you often feel unsafe? You are not alone, or one of the few people who are concerned about your safety; we all are! Whether it is about venturing out alone or speaking your mind, or even while using the internet. Danger looms around the corner and strikes unannounced.

Internet safety is one of the major concerns for a millennial. Sadly, there is reason enough for this concern – besides information, there is an exponentially growing number of notorious elements threatening your cyber safety every now and then.

What Are The Internet Security Issues?

Internet or the online space is one of the most happening spaces for a millennial but at the same time, online safety or e-safety is a growing demon. While there is a lot of content for cyber-security information, there are a few details often missed but you ought to know them. At least to have a clear idea about what is cyber safety, how you can be safe from internet security threats and ensure the same for your kids.

The online space is an open area for dissemination of information for the mass, from verified and even unverified sources, for varying purposes. With time, the influence of the internet is getting intensified and this has been attracting heterogeneous interest, some disturbing law and order of the land, interfering with personal lives, exposing children to harmful messages, threatening financial crises and more such hazards. Internet security issues are on a rise.

How Your Online Safety And Security Gets Compromised?

It is not just because of the ‘Safer Internet Day’ that we are discussing the dangers of the internet but because it’s a perennial concern. Compromised internet security often results in serious consequences. Let’s brush through the reasons that might invite cyber-safety threats.

Unsafe Wi-Fi

It’s difficult to ignore the temptation of using free Wi-Fi. However, this exposes your mobile to unwanted threats. In fact, most of the hacked devices have, at some point or the other, used free Wi-Fi that got their security compromised.

Data leak

You might have often come across advertising apps that provoke you to get them installed. While installing them, they often ask for sweeping permissions, you may even permit them without verifying its security. This is where you compromise data stored in your device. It is an unsafe internet practice.

Phishing attack

According to popular observations, mobile users are more prone to phishing attacks than desktop users. Since they are always connected with the internet and keep checking incoming emails and messages, mobile users tend to get affected by phishing attacks.

Spoofed networks

Often hackers fix up fake access points for Wi-Fi networks with genuine names. When you access such points, provide your details to access those points, your device is open to high internet security threats.

How To Use the Internet Without Inviting Compromising E-Safety?

Even though internet threats are scary yet you cannot operate without the internet. So you must know some smart ways of avoiding internet threats while optimally using the information superhighway. Here are some of the tried and tested ways to use the internet without risking e-safety.

Secure with strong passwords

Preventive measures are reliably effective. It would be great if you can use a strong password which makes it almost impossible to crack. This is one of the common ways but it has been effectively serving the purpose.

Refrain from sharing sensitive information

Since most of your operations happen in the online mode so, you might have to provide personal or professional information. This lures cybercriminals and pushes them to cyber threats.

Get an effective anti-virus

This is again a preventive measure. By installing a good anti-virus you can primarily safeguard your device from malicious attacks. It would be best to go for a licensed anti-virus because it ensures protection; the free versions are not that effective.

Avoid public networks

Security comes with its own cost but that’s a worthy investment. To begin with, you must control yourself from the temptation of using free Wi-Fi. Common public networks are common and one of the common grounds for hackers to target your device. So you must refrain from using a public network.

Cybersafety is one of the most serious concerns and this must be addressed. Preventive measures have been found to be effective in discouraging hackers. So make sure to follow the mentioned pointers to secure internet safety and make the most from the information superhighway.