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4 Jul, 2022

How Can CRM Software Align Sales & Marketing Goals For Businesses?

As CRM is very powerful at collecting and processing crucial customer data, it can provide both businesses with several benefits, primarily if they work together. The success of a business of any size or scalability depends on the satisfaction of the current customers and the ability to generate new ones. Therefore, in today’s competitive business environment, businesses must identify who their customers are and every interaction they’ve had with the company or brand. With efficient CRM software development services, businesses can easily gather all this information.

The sales and marketing departments do a vital job in every organization by acquiring new customers and selling the product to the end-user. The marketing team usually tries to find and engage the target market with their messages and then identify leads, while the sales team does the execution and closes the sale. They both work on the same objective but cover different parts of the process.

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Collection and sharing of crucial data

Interestingly, the most significant benefit of using a CRM system is getting tons of valuable and relevant customer-related information. These data are essential for marketing and sales, and CRM enables the teams to access them from a single dashboard. Once they have the data, they can help each other further interpret it and use it to their advantage. Sharing knowledge and feedback between departments is crucial to maximizing sales and marketing potential. Let’s see how this works.

Lead management

Lead management is one of the most critical steps that should never be overlooked in the context of CRMs. Marketing is only effective when more leads are converted into sales. But, often, businesses spend a lot marketing their products without necessarily converting their marketing leads into sales. CRM lead management is handy in such cases because it nurtures leads that failed to convert. But, it goes beyond that to ensure clients can trust your business.

Qualification of leads

CRM solutions help in collecting potential leads for businesses. This is collected from the user behavior data from your website and social networks. Then it is decided by the marketing team which leads are good enough to be taken forward for sales. CRM software can automatically quantify the quality of the lead, prioritize it and then notify the sales department about it. The CRM solution thus analyzes the different online behavior of the website visitors.

A custom CRM analyzes everything! Right from the browsing history to the type of content they consume and the time they spend on specific pages. According to the pre-set parameters, the CRM solution then calculates how probable it is that a particular visitor converts and notifies the sales representative if this probability has exceeded a specific limit. This dramatically speeds up the whole process and makes it much more data-driven without you needing to worry about human errors due to any manual work.

Personalized customer outreach

You have to reach out to every customer in a way that they would love. With detailed information on the customer behaviors from the CRM software, sales representatives can find out what are their areas of interest and pitch products or services that have the potential to interest them.

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It thus gives them a chance to plan a strategic approach to every single lead, especially if the user went far enough to fill in the contact form or subscribe to a newsletter. In addition, it will help them to know about the user’s demographics, location, or even professional status.

They can thus make a fully personalized sales call, address particular issues, and offer the right solutions at the right time to potential customers. For example, you can easily set notifications with the help of the CRM that will notify the sales person immediately if a user abandons a cart with some products loaded in it. In this case, sending a follow-up email directly or recommending similar products can be great tactics. CRM software development services can even automatically reach out to a lead if needed, wasting no time in the process.

Email marketing automation

Email marketing automation is also another reliable strategy to nurture your leads. You only need to automate sending emails to your prospects depending on their triggers. For instance, when a customer visits your website, it means they want to know what you have to offer. Therefore, you can send them emails that will motivate them to take action and sign up for your services.

Impacting customer retention

Retaining customers for a longer period indicates that they are loyal to your brand and have sufficient trust in the product or service you offer. CRM offers this remarkable opportunity by providing insights if the customers are abandoning your brand regularly. It highlights that you have to amend the existing strategies with fresh and more result-driven ideas to retain the customers. You can easily plan Loyalty programs that will reward the most devoted customers with special discounts and offers. Initiatives like conducting surveys for gathering customer feedback and measuring customer satisfaction rates can also be carried out seamlessly.


Final thoughts

For any business, the sales and marketing teams must work together to achieve profitable returns. The data that one department collects while doing its job can also be of great value to the other department. Effective CRM implementation strategies can help achieve this effortlessly. A robust CRM captures and stores customer information conducts performance analyses and evaluates campaign results, as well as outcomes and details of sales calls. It also improves inter-department communication, automates workflows, and speeds up many processes. If you wish to align your sales and marketing better, CRM should be your tool of choice. If you are looking for CRM software development services that will align with your exclusive business needs, get in touch with our team today!