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23 May, 2022

Grocery App Development Company – Considering the User Perspective

Grocery delivery services are high in demand these days, especially after the pandemic. Thus, a grocery app development company has a plethora of opportunities. Along with convenience, everyone has realized the importance of such services in the last few years.

Now the question is, how do you want to start the grocery app development? A grocery app includes two perspectives, one is the seller’s point of view, and the other is the user’s point of view.

How to Get Started as a Grocery App Development Company?

When you think about creating a grocery app, you can either build your grocery app or you can partner with a grocery app development company. The first option is the branded application for one retailer. The second option includes the development of the grocery delivery platform by partnering with multiple retailers. In this option, the customers can choose different stores. Also, if needed, they can combine items from different retailers in one order.

In both these cases, the focus of the developer is on the user’s convenience, streamlining the business process, and also personalizing the experience. In the following section of the blog, we shall focus on both the user’s & seller’s perspectives. A well-planned grocery app development will anticipate the user’s needs and also set up a robust network to ensure prompt delivery.

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The Complete User Perspective for Grocery App Development

During grocery app development, the company must cater to all the needs of the users/customers. Consider all the calculations for mobile and web development. Here are all the aspects you need to consider in the development stage.

#1 User Registration

Simple to use and fast registration process is something that everyone wants these days. Let users create accounts with a few clicks. They can use their email id or phone number. You can also offer signup methods through social media or Google accounts as well.

#2 Store Listing

Being a grocery mobile app development company, you must consider the fact that even when the app partners with a lot of stores in multiple locations, you shall need to display the stores present in the customer’s geolocation. Try to simplify the user experience with different filters like service info, type of stores, operating hours, shoppers’ capacity, delivery time, and more.

#3 Item Listing

Adding categories or subcategories subdivisions will help you to add goods. As a grocery app development company, you must make it easy for users to pick items through multiple departments, items on sale, featured brands, and special discounts. Along with info and product images, the items must have an “add to cart” button and a “change quantity” option. Also include the advanced search engine.

#4 Placing Orders

This feature will cover all the necessary steps for completing an order. Once the customers add items to the shopping cart, they will be able to choose the delivery options, payment methods, available time slots, and more. Consider options like additional delivery, applying promo codes, shopping guidance, multiple stores in a single order, adding a new address, and hiring the same shopper for repeated orders.

#5 Order Tracker

You can add this as additional functionality that not only works as an order tracking feature but also helps customers to stay in touch with the shoppers. For instance, when the user gets the automatic notification that their order is ready in the store, they can use the chat option to share additional guidance. Add features where the users can ask for the photo of picked items, especially the fruits and vegetables to get the replacement of any missing items or a different brand.

#6 Loyalty Programs

This feature offers additional functionality that differentiates your product in the market. As a grocery mobile app development company, it is crucial to building positive & meaningful relationships with users by offering exceptional service value, and special discounts, getting feedback and encouraging more users to invite new users. Also, you can add the idea of a premium package.

#7 Real-Time Updates

This is a very common practice amongst grocery app development companies. You can add functionalities like sharing pictures on certain stages, sharing downloadable receipts, and taking pictures when the delivery is left if the customer is not at home. It’s not so hard to implement. However, it will take careful planning beyond the simple delivery.

#8 Help Module

As a mobile app development company, if you want to deliver value to the users, stay focused on their needs. Simplify the user’s duties. Include advanced navigation. This will guide the shoppers even within the store, to point to the right department and isles. This supports buyers with clear instructions on every step. Thus, they get instant help during uncommon situations.

#9 Performance Administration

This is obvious that the admin dashboards will collect all the data on the user’s performance, delivery history, active hours, feedback, and more. Personalized management can be a great addition here. Shoppers can set up their schedules according to popular times to get quick deliveries. They can also opt for orders in a certain area or even specific stores, get promotional offers and earn points.

#10 Store Profile & Inventory Management

Multiple retailers will use a grocery app. All of them must complete the registration, address & legal business requirements. They will also fill out the general profile where they will share information with the customers.

The grocery stores have to update/add items and upload pictures with real-time updates on availability & cost. They have to keep records of the sale, customer rates, goods popularity & item preferences.

As a grocery mobile app development company, it is crucial to add these features while keeping the retailer’s perspective in mind. They are also users of the grocery app.

In Conclusion

The combination of efficient business strategies and updated technologies is the best way to create the best grocery app. A grocery app development company is all about offering a great user experience. Do you want to have a great grocery app at your service? Get in touch with us to help turn your grocery service ideas into a successful product.