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17 Jun, 2021

Data security: Most Talked About Threat That Should Matter To You

Internet vulnerabilities are quite frequently discussed in various circles. You discuss it with friends, colleagues, family, and even co-passengers. Pretty much like bad weather and inflation. Why not? Data security threats have intensified over the years; they are more audacious than ever.

Hasn’t our dependence on the internet and applications grew by multiple folds over the past few years? Hackers and other cybercriminals have thus found a thriving ground to operate. Along with it, they have found a thousand ways to creep into your systems to steal and manipulate data.

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Data is the new oil which is why the world is after mining out data from your conversations and interactions.

data security

Existing With the Threat To Data Security

Why do we say that you have to co-exist with this malice? The kind of exposure we have to the internet and related utilities, it is practically impossible to imagine a life without it. Cybercriminals are common in the internet atmosphere; they will be there as impurities in our environment. You cannot ignore it but try to cut down its effects and stay protected. This is exactly what we need to do when we are facing such intense threats to data security.

Utilities are online

Whether you want medicines, or grocery, clothes, or other regular essentials, you get them all on different e-commerce platforms. App-based purchase and delivery enable you to get anything that you want to your doorstep. Given our busy schedules, the convenience of online shopping and interesting app features, we prefer to shop online. It is one of the most crucial factors that increase our dependence on the internet.

Education is online

Mass reach and accessibility of the internet have pulled educational institutions to that space. What added to the motion is enforced lockdowns. Schools, colleges, and other educational establishments have shifted to online classes with interactive learning apps and tools. For education, which has a huge number of pupils, the internet is a very convenient medium.

Work is online

Even before repeated lockdowns became a norm, remote working, working from home and remote teams were common. After lockdowns, it became regular and the new normal. So, when the entire workforce shifts online, industries and respective companies belonging to each of them work online, imagine the volume of online activity. Thus, it became a potential hotbed for malicious cyber frauds. More and more hackers and cybercriminals

Entertainment is online

OTT service is redefining entertainment like never before, enhancing its flavors to levels beyond saturation. Ample data and good internet speed have added to the experience. It empowered the audience to customize entertainment and control it the way they want. Aren’t we loving it? This is another important factor that multiplied our dependence on the internet. We just refuse to let it go; stay offline for even an hour.

Online hangouts

We can miss many a thing but not catching up with friends. Isn’t it? But a good number of online platforms meet this demand of yours too! There are apps for all; you name it and you have it. Google Hangout, Meetup, Party with a local, OodyMate, WatTuDu, and many others are some of the coolest apps that will connect you to like-minded people, whom you haven’t met before.

Playing online

Indoor games, board games, video games, and others have apps for each and every one of them. If these weren’t enough, you can even enjoy location-based interactive video games. We may complain and even criticize them a bit, but we cannot avoid indulging in them.

Workable Solutions To Avoid These Threats

Besides food, clothing, and shelter, the internet has become an essential service. It is in fact mandatory and enables the three existing basic needs for survival. We may be skeptical about it but that’s a necessary hazard for us. Here we suggest you some practicable solutions to avoid those threats and co-exist with them.

Firstly, avoid third-party apps, however tempting and amazing they may seem. You need to resist your temptation and not install them on your phones. They can be intruding apps, fishing out your data; you never know!

Secondly, if you own an enterprise, you should never take any risk with your data security. Hire reputed custom business software development firms for developing your business solution. Look for ISO-certified firms for data security.

Thirdly, be careful to not step into phishing scams. Consult your IT team and ensure your communications are safeguarded over the platforms where you interact regularly.

No matter how audacious cybercriminals are, they cannot crossover to your data unless you allow them to. They wait for your mistake to allow them that access. So, make sure to follow stringent security standards and stay data safe in your life and business.