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8 Apr, 2022

CRM Software Development for Profound Customer Relations

Customers prefer brands that they can reach out to and vice-versa. They love attention and reciprocate it. Customers visiting your outlet or your app and purchasing things or subscribing to the services isn’t enough. The more you engage with them the better.

Nykaa rose to popularity, within quite a short time, riding on a few factors, customer engagement is one of them.

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Brand Popularity Doesn’t Just Happen

Since we started talking about Nykaa, let’s get into its details. The revered brand came into existence in 2012 as a website. In 2015, it changed to an omnichannel model and experienced remarkable progress in its sales and customer pool as well. It focused on customer relations from the very first day. Since its dealing with lifestyle products so you may assume that focusing on customer relations worked. It always works. So, Nykaa chose to automate customer service instead of making its customers wait for an agent.

Profound customer understanding

It’s easier to reach the maximum number of customers at any time. Accessibility is not an issue making more sense and being the desired brand is a significant challenge. Nykaa hired a Delhi-based CRM software development company for its CRM solution. It helped the brand fetch authentic and undistorted customer data. Using that Nykaa enhanced its customer experience. The data helped it to know its customer pool – the different types of customers, their tastes, and preferences. The data even gave crucial inputs to the brand for coming up with new products and appealing offers to its customers.

Effortless customer engagement

Nykaa enjoys the reputation of being a happening brand because of frequent customer engagement activities. A CRM solution is connected with different social media platforms that rope in viewers and engage them with the brand. It has been an immensely effective strategy for converting viewers into customers, maintaining a good customer relationship, and retaining them as well. Customized and interactive buttons connect them to experts in the team for further help and guidance that provide them additional value besides the core product. Thus, it engages customers, secures active participation, and keeps them looking for more. Besides this, it reached out to the customers in an instant with the latest updates, offers, messages, and interactions that create a favorable image of the brand to its target customers.

Instant conflict resolution

Grievances are quite common; not everyone will like what you are doing. However, a CRM solution enables instant feedback and scopes of resolutions. Customers can share their feedback through the system, notifying the respective department and allowing them to act on it. The more you attend to customer feedback the better credibility and customer confidence you gain. Customers rely on you for your responsibility towards them. This is crucial and helps you to earn long-term benefits.

We like a brand gradually with time. When Nykaa came to public notice, it was just another brand selling beauty and lifestyle products. With time it gained more followers, and customers and became a prominent brand. Strong customer relations has played a crucial role in the brand’s journey so far.

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Tips To Hire the Best CRM Software Development Services

CRM software is great; it’s one of the best ways to secure rewarding customer relations. However, not every CRM solution can give you such results. For that, you must get custom software by hiring the best CRM software development services. Here are some suggestions that can help you.

  • Get recommendations: When we say this, we mean getting recommendations from trusted sources and not from any random person. You can ask your friends, relatives, or industry friends to suggest you names of some of the reliable CRM software development services. Only after they are satisfied with the outcome, will they refer it to you. By doing so you can be sure of getting already filtered options. Thus, you may end up with the best CRM solution.
  • Ask for quotes: Talk to the consultant, with whom you are talking, and ask him or her to give you a tentative price for the solution. You will know if it is within your budget or if you need more funds for it. Thus, you can have a clear picture and make a better decision regarding hiring a firm for CRM software development.
  • Schedule a demo session: Unless you see a software function, you would not be confident about it. So, it is best to ask for a demo session. The demo will give you a clear idea about what the software can do for you, and how far can it realize your goals. Based on that you can decide whether to have it or not. If the potential firm ignores a demo session, then it would be best to skip and move to the next firm on the list.

Nykaa is fabulously dealing with its customers and the entire market, on a large scale. It would have been astringently difficult to achieve such a transformation without CRM software.