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9 Jun, 2022

Choose Custom iOS App Development for Your Business

The popularity of mobile apps seems to be multiplying daily. Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop browsing with over 50% of the world’s total web traffic. Due to the exploding demand for mobile devices, businesses are gravitating towards app development services rapidly. IOS comprises 59% of the US mobile operating system market share, while Android only accounts for around 40%. Thus, iOS app development services are becoming the ‘go-to’ way for most businesses to develop intuitive and secure mobile apps. Adding to it are custom ios app development services. Companies can build apps tailored to their specific needs on a robust operating system.

Does your business require a custom app?

You must ask this question yourself before proceeding further. The main feature and advantage of custom app development are that the client can ensure their solution is accessible and responsive. However, you must ask the following questions before considering developing a mobile app for your business:

  • Have a clear understanding and defined goals of the business.
  • What services do you offer?
  • What is the USP of your product or service offered?
  • Where is your target audience?
  • What is their platform?
  • How do you want to monetize and optimize your app?
  • Assessment of your internal resources
  • Ensuring privacy and security for customer data

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Why choose iOS app development over others?

There is no denying that users all over the globe are aware of how robust and easy to use iPhones are. Besides delighting users with its precision-driven devices, the Apple App store provides a vast pool of quality iPhone apps created to touch upon diverse aspects of our lives. Moreover, Apple is best known for innovating and consistently delivering quality apps with endless brilliant features. This is also one of the most decisive and significant reasons businesses opt for a trusted iOS app development company.

Benefits your business can enjoy

Here are a few crucial benefits that businesses can explore:

Assured Optimal End-User Experience

Around 56% of the users globally uninstall an app in the first week itself due to the obvious reason of a terrible user experience. However, iOS offers users a seamless, effortless, and flawless user experience built on quality-driven hardware and software functions. Besides, iOS always functions smoothly on all the devices that attract more people. Therefore, an ideal iOS app development process has the potential to take your business to reach heights of success.

Heightened Security Standards

iOS offers unmatched security as Android is open-source. Users might sometimes encounter viruses and other malicious software harmful to their devices. On the other hand, iOS leaves practically no room for malicious software and keep security at the helm of everything. Moreover, before publication, all apps on the Apple App store usually undergo a thorough and stringent vetting process to deliver a perfectly safe app.

Superior Devices Fragmentation

A significant problem with the Android platform is that various manufacturers create diverse screen sizes for Android-based devices. This makes the entire process of adapting interfaces to existing Android devices – with diverse screen sizes and hardware specs – incredibly time-consuming and complicated. However, iOS offers a much clearer approach with a selected range of Apple iPhones. So, it wouldn’t be a challenge to work out if your app’s interface will fit on screen. In addition, unique device emulators (e.g., Apple iOS Simulator) allow mobile developers to test applications under different iOS versions and hardware settings.

A faster & cost-effective development process

Unlike other operating systems, iOS is swifter, easier, and inexpensive to develop. Credit goes to Apple’s robust programming languages — Objective-C & Swift. iOS apps consume 30-40% lesser time than Android apps. Instead of being coded in a time-consuming programming language including Java, iOS apps are coded in quicker and simpler codes, thus, the result is quicker and cost-effective app development. Given these benefits, would you not like to opt for custom iOS app development for your product or service offered? Why not?

Faster software updates for years

One of the most critical advantages of iOS over Android is its software update frequency. Apple usually supports new iPhones and other iOS devices with new updates up to not less than five to six years after their initial release. All of those iOS devices are available for the latest updates at the same time. Users will also get new iOS features and apps and receive updates on security protocols and patches for online security threats. This makes your iOS app compatible with many iOS devices, from the newest iPhone to older iPhone models released five to six years ago.


The success of any mobile app depends significantly on a variety of factors. The top reason iOS is a preferred choice for many businesses is that it offers optimum security. iOS provides exceptional UI/UX and enables companies to leverage Apple’s existing global users market. It, therefore, provides them with broad business exposure worldwide. Apple is an innovative OS and the top choice for businesses to develop apps with guaranteed market visibility, profitability, and customer loyalty. Thus, ios app development continues to be a preferred choice of companies to have a path-defining app potential to take their business to the next levels.

If you already have a brilliant idea for your app and want seasoned experts to bring it to life, opt for our still iOS app development service. We also specialize in developing custom apps that perfectly suit your unique needs. Let us know how we can help!