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11 Apr, 2023

ChatGPT & Google Bard: Exploring Similarities, Dissimilarities & Much More!

toGoogle Bard and ChatGPT are currently two of the most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots in 2023. Both bring the power of natural language responses to inputs, employing machine learning and millions of data points to craft practical, informative responses most of the time. These AI tools are still in progress, but they point towards an exciting future of driven AI assistant search and learning tools that will make accessing information all the more easy and quick.

Are Google Bard and ChatGPT available yet?

As mentioned, ChatGPT is currently available in free and paid-for tiers. You might have to queue for the FREE version for some time, but anyone can play with its potential. Google Bard is, at present, only available to limited beta testers, not the wider public.

Exploring what is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot that employs machine learning to answer questions in a conversational dialogue. OpenAI released ChatGPT on November 30, 2022. ChatGPT reached 1 million users within five days, according to OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman.

ChatGPT is trained over the latest GPT 3.5 model or the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer – OpenAI’s Generative Text Artificial Intelligence model. In short, ChatGPT exploits deep NLP and machine-learning techniques to provide human-like responses.

The mastery of ChatGPT lies in its dialogue-based interactions. Just give any text prompts to ChatGPT, and it instantly generates a human-like answer to the query. Incidentally, since November, the new AI Chatbot, freely available to the public, can answer almost any question users ask. Besides, it can generate code snippets, write poetry, screenplay, story, and even scientific essays.

ChatGPT Features

ChatGPT is now available to users on the web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and others. To learn about the ChatGPT Features, refer to the below tabular form. In addition, the users can visit the table below to learn about the necessary details regarding the new AI.

Why has it become so popular?

Although chatbot technology like this is not at all new, ChatGPT is rare because it was made widely available for public use and experimentation.

As a result, it started to be used to fulfill unusual and particular requests – like writing a song lyric in the style of a specific celebrity on a subject trending in the news – with impressively accurate results often that were previously shared online.

Apprehensions on the Chatbot’s ability to create long, detailed answers on niche subjects often spread quickly. It has sparked debates around the power, utility, and potential dangers of such technology. This has caught the attention of several people because they were coming across this type of software for the first time.

What is the aim of software like ChatGPT?

Currently, the researchers at OpenAI are keen to learn about its strengths and weaknesses, permitting anyone to try it out and test its capacities online.

The high demand has made Chatbot available only sometimes. OpenAI has just announced a paid subscription tier to complement the free access.

But many experts believe the ultimate goal of chatbots is for use as the next generation of search engines.

Some of the use cases of ChatGPT

Language Translation

ChatGPT may also be taught to translate text across diverse languages. Real-time chat conversations and interactions, emails, and written documents can all be solved with the help of this.

ChatGPT can enhance the quality of machine translation systems, resulting in better translations. In addition, ChatGPT can also help with multilingual customer service by translating the questions and comments of the customer in real-time.

Customer Service

ChatGPT can also be trained to respond to frequently asked questions from customers, including about the shipping and return procedures, services and products, and technical support concerns. As a result, ChatGPT can assist in minimizing the workload of customer support professionals and enhancing response times by providing these inquiries with precise and speedy replies.

ChatGPT can evaluate client information and behavior to make highly customized product recommendations or upsell chances. Providing specialized solutions can improve revenue and enhance client satisfaction.

ChatGPT and Google Bard- Artificial Intelligence

Routine chores can carry on through ChatGPT, including scheduling appointments, making reservations, and processing payments. In addition, ChatGPT can also automate these processes, facilitating customer care agents to concentrate on more intricate problems.

Content Generation

Summaries of longer texts, like articles or reports, can be created using ChatGPT. In addition, ChatGPT may generate an overview of the original text. It precisely reflects its main ideas by evaluating it and highlighting its most crucial passages.

Training ChatGPT to produce grammatically and stylistically similar text to a given piece of material is possible. This helps create content that needs a constant tone and style, like social media posts, email marketing copy, etc.

By examining user behavior, tastes, and preferences, ChatGPT can help to tailor specific content for specific users. By producing tailored content, businesses may give customers a more exciting and relevant experience.

Education and Research

ChatGPT can provide students with individualized learning experiences by examining their behavior and preferences.

ChatGPT can also help research by filtering through diverse materials to find essential facts. Students, academicians, and researchers that need to access and swiftly examine a lot of learning material may find this helpful.

ChatGPT can also be helpful in student evaluation by automatically delivering feedback on written assignments and examining a student’s writing structure and content.

Understanding Google Bard

Google officially released its “Bard” experimental language model in the month of June 2021. It is designed on top of Google’s current AI language model, BERT(Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). It helps to understand tasks on natural language processing like answering questions, sentiment analysis, and language translation. The language Model for Dialogue Applications drives Google Bard (LaMDA), and it has been introduced on the lightweight model of LaMDA.

Through this language model, Bard is designed to answer inquiries in greater detail compared to the ordinary Google search results. In addition, LaMDA’s second, lighter iteration requires lesser CPU power, facilitating increased user capacity and feedback-gathering. Beta testing for Bard is also underway now. Just like digital assistants like Alexa and Siri, Bard’s main objective is to gather information in a straightforward response than a search engine results page, but with relevant links for consumers to find out more.

Google Bard Features

Google Bard, released just a few days ago, is doing the same work as Chat GPT. It, too, works on GPT 3, just like ChatGPT. It usually generates the text, translates the text, answers questions, and performs many other tasks. Usually, Bard answers questions in a simple way rather than the exact search engine results.

Why did Google introduce Bard?

Artificial general intelligence has the power to change the way search functions. OpenAI took the first step in that direction and became extremely popular. ChatGPT, now backed by Microsoft, achieved 100 million users within two months, which even Instagram and TikTok have yet to do. Google, which probably was pipped over by another company for the first time, issued a code red as the AI chatbot was expected to redefine how a search engine functions.

Nevertheless, Google immediately announced that they were working on an AI chatbot of their own.

Some of the use cases of Google Bard

Personal AI assistant

The Google Bard AI Chatbot can manage your time and ensure you always remember to finish an essential step in a process or miss out on an appointment.

Creative Writing

Google Bard’s words, phrases, and theme suggestions might help writers develop fresh concepts for their stories, characters, or plot settings.

Google Bard can examine a piece of writing and offer comments on aspects like tone, style, and structure, helping writers hone their skills. In addition, to assist writers in overcoming writer’s block or creating better content, Google Bard can offer synonyms, related words, or alternative phrasing suggestions.

Automated Tasks

The Chabot uses Google AI to perform several tasks automatically, like reserving a table at a restaurant or making travel arrangements. With this new Chatbot, Google is anticipates to be able to find things for you and even purchase them.

We already know both the Chatbots and their use cases will serve us in the future. Now, we are going to see what the differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard are.

The top 5 differences between ChatGPT and Google Bard AI

Bard will use material currently available online, like statistics and sources. Google Bard can access the most recent data and deliver more up-to-date information. But, ChatGPT’s knowledge can only show data of events through 2021.

Bard will access a wealth of data and integrate it with Google’s search engine, providing an advantage against ChatGPT, which Microsoft supports.

While ChatGPT can make factual mistakes sometimes and embellish stories, Bard AI will be able to provide consumers with more reliable information.

Due to the search engine giant Google’s massive data gathering, Bard AI has the edge over other AI platforms like ChatGPT regarding the breadth and scope of information it can access.

Bard can break up complicated ideas into bite-sized, conversation-starting morsels. The aim is to disseminate information more broadly in an understandable way and may inspire everyone, especially young minds, to learn. Chat GPT, on the other hand, only produces material in response to the text prompt.

Which is better- Google Bard or ChatGPT?

This is a tricky question to answer, as Google Bard is available only for a select group of early beta testers. While you can use ChatGPT right now, entirely for FREE. You may have to be on a waitlist, but if you want to skip that, a paid-for Plus version offers those interested in a complete tool the option of paying and using it.

Still, when Google Bard becomes available more widely, it should offer sufficient competition for ChatGPT. Both these bots use natural language models- LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) and GPT-3 language model. In addition, Google Bard bases its responses to questions on more new and recent data. But, ChatGPT mainly trained on data available before 2021. This is also similar to how Microsoft’s Bing Chat works.

We’ll have to reserve judgment on which is the more capable AI chatbot until we get time to play with Google Bard ourselves, but it looks set to be a close contest when it is more readily available.

Generative AI alternatives

There are other AI content generators available. Several startups are also working on their projects, including ChatSonic, Jasper AI, OpenAssistant, and Wordtune. In addition, China’s search engine, Baidu, will also employ AI with an application- Ernie Bot.

The future of AI in the field of marketing continues to alter, evolve and adapt as swiftly as it started by finding additional uses beyond a content generation. Such content generation may include customer service, email optimization, product recommendations, and social media posts.

In conclusion

At the moment, these AI chatbots are still incredibly new. That means as impressive as they are, they still make mistakes and produce content that crosses ethical and potentially even legal lines. They are still figuring out their best use cases. Still, the technology is awe-inspiring, and Bard, or the GPT-powered version of Bing, could revolutionize how we search for information online.

Unfortunately, you’re likely only to get the free version of ChatGPT on OpenAI’s platform. Besides, Google Bard is exclusive for “trusted testers,” Other competitors like ChatGPT Plus and “the new Bing” currently require signing up for a waitlist. While this will likely change in the coming weeks and months, this remains an unexplored frontier we are just beginning to experience.

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