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7 Feb, 2023

App Store Optimization Agency – Everything About App Store Optimization

A mobile app helps you earn revenue, engage users and increase brand awareness. Unfortunately, millions of other apps in the app stores are trying to do the same. With this cut-throat competition, you must do something special to stand out so that the intended user base can easily find the app. Therefore, you need an app store optimization agency. Before we get into the details about app store optimization, here is what app store optimization is in simple terms.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the ongoing process of improving the ranking and visibility of an app in the App Store. Therefore, it makes it easier for the viewers to discover and find it. ASO is sometimes known as the SEO of the app store. The objective of ASO is to enhance the number of downloads of the app. However, ASO can also help improve brand awareness, stimulate user engagement, and get feedback and reviews.

Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the two main app stores. However, you can also perform ASO in other app stores like the Amazon Appstore, the Samsung Galaxy Store, and the Huawei AppGallery. According to app store optimization agencies, the available fields and ranking factors vary through different app stores. The common items to target for ASO include:

  • App name or title
  • Keywords
  • App description
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Downloads
  • Updates

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Why is ASO Important?

ASO is important because it controls the app’s visibility and discoverability within competitive app stores. 82% of the users discover apps by browsing app stores or taking app recommendations offered by the app stores themselves. Thus, it is clear that most people download apps only after seeing them in the app store. However, with more than 5 million apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store combined, it is difficult to get visibility and presence. According to app store optimization agencies, without app store optimization, the app’s ranking and visibility are at the mercy of the search engine and a bit of luck. Ongoing ASO is crucial for the success of an app.

ASO is Different for Different App Stores

The available fields, ranking factors and the importance of every app vary according to the app store. Therefore, it is crucial to understand which items to target while optimizing for different stores. As stated by other app store optimization companies in India, most people use the Google Play Store and Apple App Store despite the ever-growing number of app stores. Here are the differences between the Apple App Store Vs. Google Play Store.

Apple App Store Vs. Google Play

Despite the similarities between Google Play and Apple App Store, there are a few differences. It will affect the ASO efforts. First, both platforms need apps to be reviewed and approved before they are launched in the app stores. The approval of an app takes 24 hours to one week, based on the size and complexity of the app. As mentioned by the app store optimization agencies, if you have a specific launch date, you must consider submitting at least a week in advance.

Also, the App Store has two unique elements that Google Play doesn’t offer – the keyword field and the subtitle. On the other hand, Google Play provides a short description field that Apple doesn’t offer. Further differences are listed in the following factors used to rank and feature the apps.

Apple App Store Ranking Factors

Here are the major ranking factors for iOS apps in the Apple App Store:

  • App name
  • App subtitle & URL
  • Installs and engagement
  • Keywords
  • Reviews and ratings
  • In-app purchase titles and descriptions
  • App updates

The Ranking Factors of Google Play Store

Here are the ranking factors of the Google Play Store.

  • App title
  • Short app description
  • Long description
  • Installations and engagement
  • Reviews and ratings
  • In-app purchases, titles & descriptions
  • App updates

ASO Keyword Research

Keyword research is the basis of a good ASO strategy. This is because app store search engines serve up apps that align with the keywords that the users enter. Therefore, you can and should leverage the keywords in each field that the app stores offer. These include app names, URLs and descriptions.

What is ASO Keyword Research?

According to the app store optimization agencies, ASO keyword research is the process of researching, compiling, and analyzing the relevant keywords that can potentially improve the app’s visibility. Keywords are crucial for ASO because they will tell you precisely what the users search for and the specific words and phrases, they use to find them. Once you have done the research, you can customize the app store page to align with the user’s expectations.

How to Do ASO Keyword Research?

According to the best app store optimization companies in India, to do ASO keyword research, you need to list the words and phrases that describe the app and its functionality. The next step is to enter the words and phrases into a keyword analyzer tool to get the keyword ideas and information on the competitiveness and search volumes.

Yes, it is true that these keywords are specific to Google web searches; they can offer a great indication of what people are looking for. However, starting with generic terms describing your app is good, then using the “broad match” function for more fruitful keyword ideas. For instance, if you have an invoicing app, the keyword research would search with “invoice” in the keyword research tool.

Some Final Words

You need to maximize your app’s potential with ongoing ASO. App stores keep changing all the time. They are highly competitive. Therefore, you need to contact app store optimization company in India to ensure that ASO is a regular part of your app marketing process. Also, you should fine-tune and monitor ASO efforts. Even if you are at a point where you are satisfied with the app store performance, things will change. Your competitors might overtake you. Therefore, get in touch to experience the best app store optimization strategies.