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28 Jan, 2020

AI In Health Care: AI Detects Breast Cancer More Accurately Than Experts

“India has around 2.25 million cases (of Cancer) with 1 lakh new cases being registered every year.” Syed Adil Shamim Andrabi referred to cancerindia.org data in one of his studies published by the Indian Council of Medical Research. He further mentioned that cancer has killed about 7 lakh people in this sub-continent.

A recent statement from WHO mentions, “It (breast cancer) is the most common cancer in women in India and accounts for 14% of all cancers in women.” This throws light on the grim scenario of breast cancer in India. However, what’s scarier is that even digital mammography might not accurately detect breast cancer in an individual.

Besides a dozen causes, poor diagnosis is highly responsible for cancer deaths in India. Identifying malicious cells and diagnosing breast cancer is a challenge even for digital mammography. Expert healthcare professionals often did not succeed in accurately reading x-ray images of the suspected cancer-infected area. As a result, there have been several incidences of breast cancer in India with false positives and untrue negatives.

This Experiment Revealed That AI Detects Breast Cancer More Accurately Than Docs

In one of the technological breakthroughs, AI has been found to identify cancer cells, more accurately. It was an experiment set up by DeepMind, Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre, Northwestern University, and Royal County Hospital, UK. It aimed at finding whether or not AI can help radiologists in flawlessly identifying breast cancer symptoms.

The researchers used an AI model, used anonymized mammogram reports only. While the human counterparts used patient histories and previous mammogram reports along with current mammogram conclusions. They observed that the AI model could identify breast cancer more accurately than medical professionals.

The AI models had lesser information than human medical professionals and even no experience but made an accurate diagnosis. Thus, artificial intelligence provides a breakthrough in breast cancer treatment through flawless detection.

What Are The Different Areas Of AI Application In the Health Care Industry?

The scope of artificial intelligence is infinite; it has been transforming industries worldwide and even influencing ways of life and living. The health care industry, also, has been greatly influenced by AI in ways more than one. But what exactly are the areas of applications of AI in healthcare?

Virtual nursing assistants

Not feeling well? You can describe your condition to a virtual nurse for round-the-clock assistance, accurate medical advice based on the symptoms, analyze your health status, and schedule relevant doctor appointments, and even more.

Dosage error identification

Medication error is a major flaw in the Indian health care system. However, you can avoid this with an AI-assisted healthcare system that helps you to ensure that the medicine dosages are according to the prescribed standard and safe for the patient.

Primary diagnosis

Often identifying the disease becomes a challenge; sometimes ailments show dormant symptoms. Right primary diagnosis is important for effective treatment. So artificial intelligence is often used for accurate primary diagnosis.

Automated image diagnosis

As this blog discussed above, AI models could identify breast cancer more accurately through mammogram reports. It can successfully read images and conclude accurate diagnosis thus leading to flawless automated image diagnosis.


Medical data is crucial information and that has to be safeguarded. This can be best done by implementing artificial intelligence. Data in such systems are highly secured because it maintains high cybersecurity standards.

Besides these, robot-assisted surgery, administrative workflow assistance, fraud detection, clinical trial participant identifier, and connected machines are some of the exclusive scopes of AI applications in the health care industry.

Given the critical life-threatening risks of cancer, it is invariably important to implement the best of ways in which artificial intelligence can improve breast cancer treatment in India.