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25 May, 2022

A to Z About Restaurant App Development – The Core Features & Tips

Did you know? By the end of 2023, the food ordering & delivery services will reach $365 billion. Along with the restaurant app development companies for food delivery, the range of restaurant apps you can invest in is highly impressive. People love restaurant apps! When it comes to customers, ordering food through an app, choosing a place to eat, reading testimonials, and checking the menus through an app, make things easy for them.

The Different Types of Restaurant Apps and Their Functions

Did you know? There are 5 different types of restaurant apps. If you have plans to invest in a restaurant app development company, here are the different types of restaurant apps to consider.

#1 A Restaurant Review App

This is a restaurant directory app where a customer can check out different venues nearby and get detailed information on them. Also, you can read reviews from people that visited the restaurants.

#2 A Local Restaurant Finder

This is another variation of the restaurant review app. However, this is more of a location-based directory that helps you to find restaurants close to a certain location.

#3 A Restaurant Menu App

A restaurant menu app brings a digital interactive menu that the users can access from their smartphone. This type of restaurant is a customizable SaaS solution for restaurant owners who want to digitize the ordering process and also improve the customer experience.

#4 A Restaurant Delivery App

The restaurant delivery app helps you to place an order directly through a mobile app. Also, you can get the order delivered to your house.

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#5 The Restaurant Booking App

If you want to reserve a table at a restaurant, you can do this through this app. This feature is added as one of the features within a custom restaurant or you can also get it in a standalone app for restaurant reservations.

The Crucial Features of a Restaurant App

If you are a restaurant app development company, here are the important factors you must include in the app.

  • A digital menu with detailed info and photos
  • Option to filter (by price, location, discounts, popular dishes, and more)
  • Table reservation feature
  • Order placement option (for takeout/delivery)
  • Payments (online payments & tips)
  • Real-time online tracking option to keep customers informed
  • Loyalty program for promotions
  • Customer support in the form of in-app chat for suggestions & complaints
  • Push notification services

A Suggested Roadmap for a Restaurant App Development Company

Mobile app development is a major step for any business owner. Similar to any other software development project, building apps for restaurants need professionalism and tech expertise.

To get started with the restaurant app development, you must take care of the following factors.

#1 Find a Problem to Solve

Choose the right niche and business model for the product. Considering the business objectives, audience choices, and also market specifics, identify what kind of restaurant app development can get the highest value.

Being a restaurant app development company, find out what problems your audience is facing and target them. Solve a problem to be useful and then offer some unique value. Otherwise, it will be highly challenging to compete with the already-established market players.

#2 What’s the Logic Behind the App?

This is the stage where the planning needs to take place. You have to finalize and then document the app requirements. With comprehensive & detailed specifications, you can easily communicate the requirements to the team that will handle the design the development.

#3 Visualize the Concept

Once you have finalized and documented the requirements, you can go ahead and then visualize the app’s UI & UX. In simple terms, you can now create the app design and finalize the user flow.

Also, you can create an interactive prototype of the app to review and test its usability through tools like the InVision app. This will help you in getting a better understanding of how the final result will look. This is great, especially if you are a restaurant app development company because it will help you to pitch your idea to the investors before creating an MVP.

#4 Build & Test

This is the stage where a restaurant app development company is needed. They will develop the restaurant app, ensure to add separate features, and test every single element is tested thoroughly before the app goes live.

A crucial aspect of a restaurant app development company is quality assurance. You have to make sure that every single feature and element of the app is tested thoroughly before it goes live. Otherwise, you’ll put all your efforts at risk.

All the inclusions and specifications are well-defined during the design phase. However, it’s crucial to keep the development approach agile. This will add more flexibility and satisfaction to the app owner.

An agile approach empowers a restaurant app development company to allow an interactive process of adding value during the development of the app. If a cross-functional team works on developing an app that offers an excellent user experience, it will add to the competitive advantage.

#5 Scale & Improve

Once the app is live, you can use user feedback for enhancing the value of the product. Also, this gives the scope to improve the customer experience as well. Keep trying to implement add-on features that were not there in the first version of the app. Also, if possible, broaden the target market of your app and expand it into new locations as well.

In a Nutshell

A restaurant app development includes an impeccable understanding of the audience and also the stakeholders who will directly benefit from the app. If you want to ensure that ordering food online becomes an experience worth enjoying, you have to offer an excellent user interface.

For things to happen smoothly, the development team must collaborate with the restaurant owner. Only then you can create the restaurant app that matches your customer’s requirements and get the popularity it deserves.

If you are in search of a restaurant app development company, get in touch with us today!