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6 Dec, 2022

A Complete ASO Guide for Dating Apps by an App Store Optimization Agency

An effective app store optimization strategy helps mobile apps to rank higher in app store searches, resulting in more downloads and installs. However, ASO is tricky, especially when dealing with many existing apps in app stores. Therefore, creating a dating app, adding it to the App Store, and creating an ASO strategy take a lot of research. According to an app store optimization agency, possible challenges would come up while implementing the optimization strategies for a dating app in the App Store.

App Store Optimization Challenges for a Dating App

It’s complicated! Dating app marketing requires a lot of hard work. If you decide to market your dating app in App Store, you must face the following hurdles.

1. Finding the “One” Perfect Value Proposition

Targeting a dating app value proposition is difficult, especially because some of the biggest players like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr have a stronghold on the younger demographics, the most predominant generation being millennials and Gen Z’s.

Also, remember that positioning takes its own time. Every player in the dating app category has got their associations and connotations – Tinder is the best example. As per the best app store optimization agency, the user-generated content of an app makes it difficult to brand. If you see the ads of Tinder, you shall see that it urges users to “find love.” However, public sentiment is different.

2. Domination of Dating App Giants

If you ask anyone on the street to name a dating app, they’ll offer to give you the names of the biggest players like Bumble, Tinder, Grindr, Hinge, and more. However, if you check the app store, there are thousands of dating apps. According to app store optimization agencies, small-scale dating app developers must go through difficult hoops to stand out. This includes a lot of paid and organic marketing campaigns on and off the app store. Even after that, very few users try out a different dating app.

3. Retention & Discoverability

Dating app retention rates are no doubt complicated. The unpopular dating apps are eventually deleted. For the big players, retention is not a cause for worry. Also, subscription revenue for competitors is high, and lots of them are expanding into new categories like networking.

App Store Optimization Best Practices for Dating Apps

These challenges are just the tip of the iceberg. According to the best app store optimization agencies, the major hurdle of app store marketing is strong value propositions and differentiation. However, every successful marketing needs an organic backbone on the app stores. The user research pattern will vary through different demographics. Therefore, the question is, how can you capture them? Of course, through ASO. Here are some of the best practices to follow:

1. Don’t Just Define the Demographics, Take Care of the Psychographics Too

Yes, finding your target audience depends on the demographics, but according to the best app store optimization agencies, you must also focus on psychographics. Yes, dating apps are mostly targeted to the younger audience; if they are not, chances are the app will be differentiated.

Taking a broad demographic is not necessarily bad, and some unique value propositions can come out of them. You need to understand what your app offers and what the users want. Are they looking for something casual? Politically driven? Find the niche that speaks to the audience in the best way.

2. Use ASO Technology to do a Competitor Analysis

There is no way to talk about the dating app market without analyzing the competitors, irrespective of the size and category. However, there are ASO tools and technology like DATACUBE that helps developers to figure out what keywords the users search for. Also, ASO technologies can help analyze competitors’ ranks in the app store. This is crucial information while creating an app marketing strategy on and off the app store. Creating a strong app metadata strategy makes a massive difference in your ability to get discovered on the app store both organically and in paid campaigns.

3. Update Seasonally – Even When the Markets Dip

It is crucial to send out the right message at the right time. Even during the seasonal dips in the fall, adding the right messaging in the screenshot and metadata is crucial. According to the best app store optimization agencies, this will not only help in getting conversions to the app but also carries relevancy when the user search behaviours changes or they need repositioning. It is time to add more commitment-focused language to deal with the dips in usage.

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4. Identify where the App is Positioned in the Mobile Dating Landscape

Along with the user base, you must segment the mobile dating industry into two distinct areas depending on the motivation of the users to download a specific app:

  • Relationship-based – the apps that are mostly used to find meaningful relationships
  • Casual-based – The apps that are mainly used for “hook-ups” or other casual, non-romantic relationships

These are the common metrics for all the apps in the dating industry. If you understand the initial segmentation, you shall have the right insights into the areas of high saturation and direct competitors. Thus, it helps to identify the ways to differentiate the app through the assets on the app store page.

5. Convey the Unique Benefits of the App through App Store Creatives and Messages

According to the best app store optimization agencies, you can start to design the factors that you identified as the unique features of the app. Also, optimize the app store assets to match the USP. Remember, while figuring out the optimization strategies for a dating app, you are selling an experience.

It’s the idea to find an emotional connection that matters. As per the best app store optimization agencies, you can add lifestyle images within the app UI screenshots. It will offer the visitors a realistic sense of the people they might meet through the app and helps to create a stronger emotional relationship.

The visitor exploration rate for dating app store pages is 25-35%. Therefore, apps that drive visitor exploration and can convert visitors have a competitive advantage. Consequently, developing a strong ASO strategy is crucial to ensure the app’s success.

Some Final Words

The dating app industry garners millions of users all over the world. Therefore, you must test and optimize the app store page to attract users and stay relevant. As a specialized app store optimization agency, we are here to help you build a strong ASO strategy by understanding the visitor’s behaviour on the app store. Get in touch with us today!