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4 May, 2022

A Checklist of the Touchpoints for Hotel Booking App Development

Radical thinking is the core element of any digital transformation. The thought process is where everything gets started. The term “radical” epitomizes the concept of a paradigm shift in the existing thought process. With India shifting towards a complete digital transformation, every sector is undergoing a lot of changes. The hospitality sector has gone through a plethora of transformations due to the digitization of processes.

As we are all aware that the traditional process of the hospitality sector included a lot of efforts like calling the travel agencies, checking on the packages, inability to check on the distance of the hotels and the places to visit. These are some of the few issues that we used to face previously. Thanks to the digital transformation, now we can get every detail at our fingertips. A hotel booking app development company plays a vital role in that process.

  • Did you know? Convenience is one of the most important reasons for users to shift to online hotel booking.
  • 80% of the time the last-minute hotel booking is done either through web portals or mobile.
  • The online travel agencies do 45% of the booking through mobile.

These statistics clearly state the importance of a hotel booking app development company and its services. Have you ever wondered what it takes to develop a hotel booking app? Let us shed some light on it.

hotel booking app development companies

#1 The Type of Hotel Booking App

As a hotel booking app development company, you must think about the type of app you will be creating for your client. Figure out the business of your client and its target audience. Primarily, there are three types of hotel booking apps:

  1. Hotel Aggregators – They simply present a checklist of hotels to their audience along with reviews of their services. It’s the audience who chooses their preferred hotels from that list. Some of the hotel aggregators include Trip Advisor, Booking.Com, Hotels.com, and more.
  2. Online Travel Agencies – These companies offer multiple hospitality services that include flight tickets, hotels, rental cars, sightseeing tours, Visas, and more. Some of the best online travel agencies in India include Expedia, Make My Trip, Ctrip, and more.
  3. Hotel Chain Apps – These apps will offer a chain of hotels and the users are allowed to book from those hotels only. Some of the best hotel chains are Oyo, Hilton Honors, Marriott, and more.

#2 Be Thorough with the Value Proposition

As a food delivery app development company in the USA, it is crucial to be clear about your client’s Unique Value Proposition. The UVP defines what are the business offerings. As a developer, it will help you in adding unique features/templates that make the app easy to use for the target audience. Some of the common UVPs include:

  • Last moment booking deals
  • Affordable/discounted booking options
  • Free meals/hotel stays
  • Special offers

#3 Adding Hotel Data

Being a hotel booking app development company, data is crucial for you. When the app’s users want to take a trip during the holidays, they want an unforgettable experience. This includes flawless hotel booking app usage as well. As a developer, remember, that your audience will want the best of the best within their budget. Thus, the higher number of hotels you can provide, the better it is. To do that, you must figure out the data sources. There are a lot of APIs that will give you access to the hotel listings. Some of these include:

  • Google Maps Platform
  • Zodomus
  • EPS Rapid
  • HotelsCombined

#4 The Basic Infrastructure: Admin Panel

The Admin Panel includes the core technical infrastructure within a hotel booking app. This will offer complete control over all data, filters, accessibility, and more. Apart from that, the admin panel also helps in managing the list and keeping records of all data. You can also create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to understand the further requirements of the client before delivering the fully functioning app. This is something, that you can try out as a hotel booking app development company.

#5 Registration of New Users

While developing an app, remember that the users will be the major driving force. The new user registration is an impartial feature that you must look into. The registration feature comes with two modes. One is the new user registration, and the other is the guest mode. The guest mode without having to register will ensure better conversion to the app. Apart from the typical registration feature, you must also allow the user to register through the social media account with the full privacy policy. This will double the user base because people will find it an easy option to get into the application.

#6 Take Care of the Booking Screen

As a food delivery app development company in the USA, it is imperative to take care of the booking screen. Remember that the booking screen is the heart & soul of the hotel booking app. This is the gateway to the whole “comfort level” that the company offers to its audience.

The booking screen must be crisp, interactive, and easy to use. This will allow the user to search and book any accommodation of their preference without any hassle. Make sure that the booking screen is not overloaded with a lot of unnecessary elements and content. As a hotel booking app development company, ensuring a clean look along with a smart user interface, should be the goal of the booking screen.

You can also add a location tracker feature on the booking screen. This will increase convenience while booking any hotel. The integrated location tracking feature should also have a “near me” button which incredibly helps the user with urgent bookings.

In the End

Now that we have shared the factors to consider as a hotel booking app development company, you can work on making things easier for the users. Remember, traveling is a rejuvenating process. To ensure every user gets an unforgettable experience, a seamless hotel booking app plays a vital role. If you can ensure an unbelievable booking experience, you will be an indomitable force amongst the hotel booking app development companies.