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25 Apr, 2022

6 Crucial Facts to Consider as a Fitness App Development Company

There is no denying the fact that all of us strive to lead a healthy life, but it’s difficult for us to materialize them. Yes, we do get inspired by healthy living, we start working out, and try to follow a strict diet. But one fine morning, we lose motivation and stop following the healthy regime.

The goal of a fitness app development company is to ensure the development of a seamless and easy-to-use health app keeping in mind the target audience so that they are motivated to use it and keep up with the fitness regime. The app should also connect the audience with a larger fitness engagement community.

The fitness app is in surging demand at present. In this app development market, a lot of business owners are looking for the support of a doctor appointment app development company. If you too are one of such companies that offer such app development, there are certain factors to take care of before actually jumping into the development process.

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In the following section of the blog, we present to you the 6 things you need to consider before engaging in the process of fitness app development.

#1 The Kind of Fitness App

There are a wide array of health and fitness apps available on the market for tracking different aspects of our fitness. Every app has a specific market, and it caters to a certain category of audience. There are primarily 3 common types of fitness apps. They are:

a) Workout & exercise apps: Did you know? Workout and weight loss apps comprise 73% of the overall fitness app sessions. A fitness app development company creates these apps where it connects the users with a personal trainer that offers a set of exercise and help the users to adapt to a particular training plan. The goal of these apps is to collect health & activity data and offer tailored information about health trainers.

b) Fitness Tracking Apps: These are one of the most used fitness apps that track the different aspects of fitness and dietary consumption. These include counting the calories, checking the physical activity, the steps taken daily, the pace maintained, and the distance traveled. Most workout tracker apps are powered by the tools for capturing data and then provide fitness & dietary tips.

c) Nutrition & diet apps: These apps help the users to track the calories that they consume daily, calculate how many calories were burnt, and keep a track of their daily nutrition. Nutrition & diet apps are important for the users to keep a check on their eating habits while motivating them to stay active and achieve their diet goals. A fitness app development company creates apps that can send out push notifications on their nutrition data.

If you specialize in a doctor appointment app development company, it is important to collect information on the relevant doctors and then proceed with its development. Make sure to provide credible information.

#2 Consider the Platform

Think about whether you want to develop the app for android or iOS or Windows. This is a crucial decision because it will directly impact the app adoption rate amongst the users and this, in turn, will affect your revenue. For instance, being a fitness app development company, if your target audience is South American countries like Brazil, it is better to opt for Android app development to get a higher reach. On the other hand, most people in the USA will prefer iOS apps instead of Android. While choosing the platform, you must check where most of your audience resides.

#3 Know Your Audience

This is a crucial part of the fitness app development process. If things are well-researched, planned, and analyzed at this stage, the future path to the app development process becomes much easier. If you are a doctor appointment app development company, you shall have to create app keeping in mind the client and its consumers. Thus, when it is about the users, you must research the age group that is suitable for the fitness application, check their financial status, what they do, their geographical location and so much more.

When you analyze the app based on these parameters, it will help you determine what are the specific features you want to include in your app regardless of Android or iOS. For instance, North America is a strong market for fitness apps. Because of the health awareness of the people, if the user is North American, you must consider the climate and the food types available in the area to include dietary tips as well.

#4 The Features

The features of the app will mostly depend on the type of app. For instance, if you are a fitness app development company that is building a diet-based app, you can offer the ability to create a tailored diet plan for the user and let them decide the recipe.

The important factor is to choose the features wisely. Consider the social aspect of the fitness app. Some of the common features include community building, wearable device integration, and tracking daily activity.

#5 Monetization Strategy

Being a doctor appointment app development company, it is important to create a monetization strategy right from the beginning. This will help your client to reap the maximum benefit of the fitness app. Yes, it is true that app monetization needs extensive marketing support, both before and after the launch, still, it is better to have a monetization feature from the beginning. You can go for the paid model, include in-app purchases, opt for the freemium model, use a subscription-based model, or choose in-app advertising as well.

#6 Having a Fitness App Budget

There is no denying the fact that creating a fitness app development company, you must have an app development budget. The internet is flooded with queries like how much it costs to create a fitness app. Consider the following:

  • Figure out the requirements
  • Research on the platform costs
  • Are you making an in-house app, or shall you outsource it to a fitness app development company?
  • Evaluate the functionality & features of the app
  • Submit it on app-store
  • Allocate a budget for marketing

Some Final thoughts

When it comes to the development of a fitness app for generic users, it is crucial to take care of the above-mentioned factors. NEVER forget the user perspective and don’t miss out on even a single piece of data that you achieve through your research. Remember, the more intense your research is, the higher will be the acceptance of your app amongst your target audience. Your research shows you care and your care for your target audience never goes unnoticed, especially when it comes to fitness/health app development.