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27 Jul, 2022

5 Unbelievable Ways an AI-Powered App Will Conquer the Tech Market

AI is no longer a buzzword. It is mainstream now and to some extent, it has become necessary for startups, especially tech startups. Did you know? The entry of venture capital into AI startups has already reached a record height of $77bn in 2021. This is an extraordinary rise from $36bn in 2020. The growth of AI-powered app development services is unbelievable and unstoppable right now! But what are the reasons for it? Why are AI-powered mobile app development services a game-changer for startups?

The reasons are as follows:

Data-Driven Business Decisions – The Primary Benefit of an AI-Powered App

Let’s say you are a tech startup offering informative & educational content to your audience. You have a subscription-based model. Now, there is a new programming language that is in huge demand by the leading IT firms. However, you are not aware of the search terms that are diverting people to your app. Thus, you are missing the golden chance to enhance subscribers and teach them the new programming language.

AI can change this! A combination of advanced analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing empowers the tech startup to understand the market trends during the mobile app development services. Also, you get to know the keywords searched by the users and the market demands at this moment! With data-fuelled insight, your tech startup can conquer the niche market and become unbeatable.

Result-Driven Digital Strategy

The first thing about a marketing campaign is DATA, creativity, and intuition. When you add AI into this mix, the results are amazing. Let us take content for instance. Content is the most important aspect of a marketing strategy. When you choose an AI-powered content strategy, you are not just aware of the top viral ideas but also you will know exactly what influences your audiences.

That’s how your tech startup can climb through the popularity ladder. If you plan to optimize the display ad campaigns and PPC ad campaigns using advanced data mining and data harvesting, using AI-powered marketing strategies is the best option. This is how AI-driven marketing campaigns convert to result-driven campaigns that guarantee success.

Excellent Customer Experience

Did you know? When it comes to hiring a mobile app development company, a happy customer can contribute to 14X more revenue compared to an unhappy customer. Also, getting a new customer is 7X times more expensive than keeping an existing customer happy. Your customers expect timely service. However, the problem is that it is expensive to hire and maintain customer support representatives. It eats away your revenue. However, AI has the answer.

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With the help of AI, your startup can create chatbots and they manage the critical aspect of customer service. Not only the chatbots can resolve the customer’s queries, but they can also garner critical customer data and provide custom offers to the customers. Also, they can predict the possible issues of the customers. The AI-powered mobile app development services offer chatbots that revolutionize customer service.

Extraordinary Data Security & Integrity

Did you know? It takes 196 days to recover from a data & security breach. This is from research by Norton. Google recently blacklisted 20,000+ websites and also stopped 50,000+ phishing platforms in a week. This is to keep the internet secured and safe. With advanced AI-powered solutions and data security measures, you can ensure iron-clad data security for the users. More and more mobile app development services are embracing the utility of AI to prevent data breaches.

Hassle-Free Communication Between Machines & Human

The advanced AI solutions can automate & replicate what we humans do daily. Thus, it saves business companies tons of manual hours. Using AI-powered mobile app development, you can deploy human creativity for more advanced tasks. Robotic Process Automation is a great example of AI-driven business efficiency. The tech startups that are into education, health, food, ticketing, events, and more, can use the power of AI-driven mobile app development services that enables communication and automation.

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Some additional trends in mobile app development apart from AI

Presenting the top trends that are seeing massive growth in the mobile app development sector along with the use of AI. If you are an entrepreneur, you must be aware of this.

The Rise of 5G

The 5th Generation of telecom technology is ready to take the world by storm. According to different reports, the market size of the 5G technologies is $620bn and by the end of this year, it will only increase. By the end of 2022, around 660 million smartphones will be 5G ready. This is close to 48% of the smartphones in the world.

Foldable Devices

Within the smart-gadgets world, the use of foldable gadgets has increased in 2022. In 2022, around 50 million foldable smart devices are expected to be sold. Due to the rise in foldable devices, the mobile app development services industry will also take an interesting turn. The presence of advanced platforms and technology stacks empowers entrepreneurs to keep up with the requirement of apps that also support foldable devices.

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The Rise of VR & AR

We all know that Facebook has jumped into the Metaverse announcing that they have some astonishing plans for the virtual space. Thus, the use of AR & VR in our daily lives has increased. By the end of 2022, the use of AR, VR, mobile app development services, and platforms will increase to $200bn. Also, Apple is working on LiDAR technology. This is also known as AR at the speed of light.

The Wearables

By the end of 2022, we shall have almost a billion users who will be wearing devices like fitness bands, smartwatches, and more. Every tech giant, right from Apple to Facebook, Google, Samsung, and others is also working hard on wearable technology. This is a great time for mobile app development companies because with the number of wearable devices increasing, there is going to be an exponential need for innovative apps. Businesses will need flexible, scalable, and powerful apps to make the most of this trend.

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In Conclusion

AI-based mobile apps are the smarter way to serve business purposes and also generate revenue. With personalized experiences, effective designs, security, performance and feature-richness, you get all the key elements to ensure a successful mobile app development. There is no shred of doubt that AI is extremely useful in the mobile app development process. If you want to avail the best mobile app development services, get in touch with Shyam Future tech today!