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21 May, 2022

Why Android App Development Services Require Rigorous Market Research?

So, you’ve come up with a unique app idea, what’s next? You would want to turn it into reality, but how do you do that? Did you know that there is something called app market research that can help in bringing a lot of improvement in the app launch strategy? In simple terms, the more you research and learn about the market trends, the better solutions you can find for the customer pain points.

Now, the question that comes up here is why it’s so crucial to do market research for android mobile app development services. Here are the reasons for it.

1. Knowing Your Audience

Knowing the target audience is the base of the market research because your audience decides how should you be doing the research. When you know about the people you will be designing the app for, the next steps become easy.

The target audience for an android app development company is a group of people that share common interests. You don’t have to get into the minor details but only the basic ones like the age, sex, location, language, and demographics will be enough.

Data plays a crucial role to help you with the demographics related to the target audience.

android mobile app development services

2. Keep Tabs on social media

Social media is not merely a part of our lives anymore, it has become a necessity. When it comes to social media, we have reached the addiction stage. Thus, android mobile app development services require you to look into the social media channels. Most people share their preferences and updates on social media which leads to better app market research.

Apart from that, social media is something that not only stays updated with the trends but also creates trends. The best thing about social media is that it empowers you to speak freely so that anyone can create engaging content while helping people to take advantage of it. Social media has empowered businesses to spread their wings and represent themselves in different ways with respect to the platform’s essence.

Thus, during an android mobile app development stage, being aware of what your competitors are doing on social media can get you a better idea of using the same.

3. Know Your Competitors

Did you know that 54.4% of worldwide web traffic comes from mobile devices? Thus, if you know what your competitors are doing to make their apps successful, it will help you in gaining some valuable information.

There is no denying the fact that every booming idea starts with checking out what your competitors are doing. The fact is businesses depend on each other even if they are competitors. If the app is successful, your competitors have done their homework, but they are also in the process of making something better.

In the process of android mobile app development, knowing your competitor’s USP can be your treasure and it will help in improving the app and its marketing strategy. The best part is it helps you to keep in mind what exactly your competitors are expecting from your product.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that when you are gathering information, NEVER take any metrics or piece of information for granted, even if you feel that it’s irrelevant. You never know when it will be helpful.

4. Understand the ROI from the android app you develop

When it comes to an android app development company, it’s imperative to understand the ROI of an app. There are thousands of apps on the Play Store, but not all of them are successful, right? Do you know why? Because most the android app development service providers are not sure about what ROI that app can generate from their target audience.

Most of the time, business stakeholders don’t prioritize market research while a mobile application is in the development stage. Because they don’t find any tangible benefit from it. The prime focus remains on the works of the app developers and the UX designers. You need to stop doing that.

Remember, no matter how advanced your app is, if it’s not relatable to your audience, they would not want to use it. Also, rigorous user research and UX designers seem a bit burden for the product owners, and this is where they want to do the major cost-cutting. However, the problem is, that you will find a bug during the testing phase, but you can’t find a flaw in the design till the app reaches the hands of the users.

5. Pitch Your App Development Strategy When It’s Done

Once you’ve taken every important aspect into consideration, it’s time for you to execute the complete thing. When you start with the android mobile app development process, it is better to pitch your market research strategy and seek reviews.

If you get objective feedback, it can help in improving your key points that will be beneficial for the app launch. Make sure to ask for a review of the following:

  • Did you take care of the customer pain points?
  • Did you properly execute the USP of your audience?
  • Have you considered the differentiating points that make your app better than others?
  • Have you created a data-driven app strategy?

Some Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can be an expert in android mobile app development services, but you are not going to use the product. You have to be realistic. In the day and age, we are living in, users tend to get exhausted unless they find something unique and entertaining with time.

The android app development market keeps on changing with new users and their changing requirements. Thus, technology and innovation are going to change as well. To handle this, android app developers have to stay fluid with the design till the final launch of the product.

The user research in the android mobile app development services should reflect the user’s perspective and not just for a group audience. Now that you’ve got every detail on why user research matters, it’s time to develop a useful android app for your audience. Best of luck!