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4 Sep, 2020

School ERP System: Your Tool For Education Management And Secured Data

Remote working and management have made us the primary inhabitants of the online biosphere. It dissolved the barriers of physical distance and allowed us operating from a distance. As more and more people subscribed to online services and did online transactions, cybercriminals found expanded grounds for operation.

The Crime

Online education did dissolve the barriers and enabled institutes to continue teaching online. This attracted cybercriminals too. Recent reports of hacking professors’ email IDs surfaced critical security threats.

Recently, it was reported in Times Of India that professors from the Presidency University and the Rabindra Bharati University became the prey of cybercrime. The miscreants hacked their email IDs to procure donations and funds for the covid19 crisis.

Cyber Criminals And Their Audacious Attempts

The imposed lockdown and joblessness due to the covid19 crisis is believed to be a major reason for increasing crimes. Flourishing activities over the internet has attracted criminals’ attention to this space. Interestingly, cybercrimes were more than other criminal activities. Why is it so?

Firstly, criminals would attempt to fish out catches from the most popular space. After lockdown, almost everyone turned to the online space for their requirements. It thus became the favourite hunting ground for cybercriminals.

One of the most common malicious among malicious attempts is hacking emails. When you use a video conferencing platform, it asks for your email ID, which you provide. The hackers retrieve your ID and hack it. It’s not a difficult job for a hacker. All your accounts are interlinked, thus access to one allows access to others as well. Your data is always under threat and it’s more precious than oil. It is, in fact, the new oil. `

Often when we operate on such open platforms our data is exposed to an unchecked threat. However, professional software like a school management system is designed for such purpose and with assured data security. It is in fact, one of the most important reasons why educational and other institutes are installing them.

A school ERP software is typically developed for regular requirements, management and control. The system is encrypted end-to-end which seals communication ends and secure it for the users. Identified administrators have absolute control over the system and discretion to allow access to verified users. This further allows you absolute liberty of use and operation.

The details provided in the system are completely secured; only authorised personnel can access them.

What Encourage Their Evil Goals?

Cyberattack and related crime are quite risky jobs and definitely not for anyone faint-hearted. However, there might also be one or two factors that encourage criminals instead of making them afraid of the consequences.  Let’s dig into the possible reasons.

Increasing dependence on online platforms

We are locked inside, almost so, still now. However, online services have been a breather. You can pay your bills, work, and allow your kids to study online, get entertained, and so on. Over the last few months, we have become more dependent on online platforms than ever. This makes it an easy preying ground for hackers to chance a good prey.

Unmindful online activities

Often we invite troubles by our careless online activities. Simple and seemingly unharmful activities like not closing the windows on our phone, when we don’t need them may invite troubles. These provide the scope that cybercriminals look for. You may end up in big trouble for such unmindful activities.

Lesser heed to warnings

You must have come across a message asking you not to open unverified links. Phishing attacks are very common and frequent than they used to be. We often negate and overlook such warnings and end up being prey to them. For the time being, it is important to pay due heed to such a warning and stay away from the temptations of clicking on unknown links.

Unverified platforms

Online classes are the ‘new normal’ and we tend to use available video calling platforms for it. This is risky; did you forget Zoom and its security lapses? Such unverified video calling platforms are a significant threat to data security. It is best to get to install a custom school management system. It is end-to-end encrypted and assures high data security.

The covid19 has led to a crisis that we did not experience ever. It did not just jeopardize our regular lives but even thrown at us a set of critical challenges. If not all, a custom school ERP system can sure deal with threats to data security and facilitate online education and its management; all at the same time.