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Ads on OTT platforms to reach your audiences on all connected devices

OTT is a new age advertising. The way audiences watch television has fundamentally changed over the past decade of years. OTT advertising gives the possibility of reaching out to target groups. hence OTT is the only alternative for traditional TV advertisements.

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Display your ads on Netflix, Disney, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and more

OTT ads are the next big thing. Display your ads on famous streaming platform.
While OTT content can be used across multi-devices such as mobile, TV, tablets, desktops and laptops, it is important to identify the touchpoints that your audiences are active on. Then retarget them across various channels like Search, Social Media and audio with relevant ads that include a call-to-action.
We enrich your messages by personalizing them to the nuance of every audience segmentation to keep them engaged and drive conversions.

Contextual Ads

Reach audience in Cookie less world

Meet your Brand Goals

Make every Impression Count

The entertainment landscape is moving beyond cable. Reach real people on
all connected devices. Promote intent-based targeted ads on OTT platforms.

Connect with your ideal audience by using contextual targeting

In the post-cookie landscape context targeting delivers precision to maximize your brand impact. Through innovation and partnership we are moving to the next generation of advertising. Access carefully curated targeting segments to optimize your programmatic strategy and reach your desired audience without the use of third-party cookies.

Solutions for all screens and devices

Advertise on famous OTT streaming platforms



We do an analysis of OTT platforms. We develop in-depth reports on what's working, and what's not.



We evaluate opportunities in your business domain vis a vis your competitors. We track your competitor and formulate an OTT advertisement plan.



We get on with the detailed ad work to implement the strategy. Depending on your OTT ad requirements which includes various steps.



Depending on your ad frequency, requirement and analysis we keep refining your OTT campaigns.


  • We are empowering Business Growth for our Clients

  • Technical analysis

    Receive a technical analysis of your digital asset

  • Design, code, and copy analysis

    to discover where there might be gaps and opportunities within your email marketing campaigns

  • Competitive Analysis

    See what the competition is doing, generate new ideas, and spot gaps in your strategy.

  • Marketing recommendations

    to start you off with the best email tool for your unique needs.

  • Keywords Content

    Keywords for relevance, intent, search volume, and competition levels and depth.

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    OTT Advertising FAQs

    OTT ads are delivered over the Internet through streaming devices. Video advertising is the umbrella term for all video-related advertising, which includes OTT, OLV, and more. Both types of advertising help brands reach the most relevant audiences across the customer journey by leveraging streaming and shopping signals.
    Confusing as they may sound, they are quite similar. OTT is related to how content is delivered—which is over the Internet. VOD - Video on demand is related to how the content is accessed by consumers, whether via a single purchase, subscription to a service, or by watching an ad. CTV- Connected TV is the device viewers use to access the content.
    More people are watching more content in more places than ever before. Streaming TV advertising isn’t just a place to reach audiences—it’s increasingly become the place to turn everyday moments into lasting customer connections, making it an important addition to a marketing channel.
    Freedom to access international web series, shows, live sports telecasts, and favorite flicks on the go is one of the greatest pros of streaming platforms. OTT platforms offers reduced cost, wider media coverage, better reach, multi-platform service, and instant playback
    Shyam Future Tech is a full scale digital marketing agency. We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions under one umbrella. Our marketing specialities include -
    Search Egine Optimization, Paid Ads, Social Media marketing, Google Paid Ads, OTT Ads, Email Campaign automation, Content writing, Native Ads, Re-targeting, App Store optimization .