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9 Mar, 2023

Educational App Development Services Redefines the Future of Learning

Globalization has greatly influenced the education sector with several educational organizations worldwide starting to transition from the traditional to the modern learning method. The educational technology or EdTech sector is also booming as the world is going towards complete digitization. Also, the growth of eLearning apps has compelled several organizations to invest in developing smart educational solutions.

If you, too, are focusing on educational app development services that aim to bring a paradigm shift to the educational sector, then you are on the right path. You must connect with an experienced technology partner to offer scalable and robust educational app and web development services.

Why should you build an e-learning app?

Technology-enabled solutions have undeniably helped advance all industries, including education. This is made evident with the advent of a wide range of educational systems, learning tools, and e-learning applications. Reports reveal that in the US alone, the revenue generated by smartphone app developers has reached $161.7 billion.

Reasons for the rapidly growing education app market are many, like easy access to learning, a wide variety of courses to choose from, use of the latest augmented reality technology, etc. However, your success in carving your share in the profitable market depends on the quality of your developed education app. High-quality app developers can ensure you build a software app that attracts potential users. According to a global study the e-learning market is forecasted to grow at a 20% CAGR between 2022 and 2028. Statista reports revealed that the global e-learning market will reach about $400 billion by 2026.

Who uses educational apps to learn?


Users of tablets and smartphones are becoming younger and younger. And so various apps now cater to teens and even toddlers. For example, the Busy Shapes app helps three to seven-year-olds develop logic and reasoning.

Students or applicants:

An educational app is useful for exam prep and can also serve as a reference source. Some universities also use online courses as part of the education process. An online platform edX offers over 2.800 courses in different subjects.

Anyone interested:

There are those who use educational apps just for themselves. Language learning apps like Duolingo are so popular because education can be easy and fun!


Deepening knowledge, acquiring qualifications or company onboarding are reasons an educational app can attract professionals. For example, we at Purrweb created an onboarding educational platform for a corporate client.

educational app development

Technologies required for educational app development

Selecting the right tools and technology is critical to the success of your educational app. The tools and technology will affect the educational app development process, cost, maintainability, quality, and scalability of the application.

To help you decide which tools and technology to use for your next educational mobile app development project, we have narrowed down below the best technology stacks and development approaches for building e-learning apps.

  • Native app development
  • iOS-based learning app
  • Android-based learning app
  • Web app development
  • Hybrid app development
  • Backend development

How to create an awesome educational app?

Before building an online educational learning solution, you must plan your actions phase-wise.

The business development phase

The initial stage of the development process is the discovery stage. What is that? It is a stage designed to apply the founder’s vision to market conditions. It will allow initial testing of business hypotheses and selection of the most viable ones.

The project development team analyzes and collects information needed to build an educational technology app in a discovery phase. The team then uses gathered information to check whether a project is usable, feasible, and viable. The discovery phase is essentially a guide to actions for a development team, ensuring that you understand each other correctly and follow the same goals.

The technical development phase

The technical development phase involves little effort from you as a startup. The success of this critical and delicate phase depends on the hired app development team.

This team is responsible for building the app as you’ve envisioned and tailoring the features to the needs of your target audience. The technical development phase involves creating an MVP and a scaled MVP.

Educational standards and regulations

E-learning standards are standardized guidelines for material, writing software, and learning management systems (LMSs). They establish rules for all stakeholders to create and generate content, deliver it across platforms, and ensure device compatibility.

The e-learning standards are classified into three groups. Courseware design standards include many course design and development areas, whereas technical standards cover course implementation on an LMS or other portal.

Technical standards Accessibility standards Data protection
LTI HIPAA Section 508

Factors to consider before hiring a development partner

Here are some important factors to consider, that will help you to choose the right app development partner.

#1 Understand The Company’s Portfolio

Before you jump into the development of your eLearning app, study the organization’s portfolio. It is necessary to check the portfolio of the company that you choose to hire, in order to understand its business domains, technical expertise, project themes, and other important factors. A good portfolio will give you a clear idea of the company’s experience, testimonials, the development team’s skillset, and other qualities that will help you to make a wise decision.

#2 Effective Product Delivery Management

While choosing the EdTech app development company, you need to research their work process. It is crucial to ensure an effective mode of communication between the client and the company. Also, it is important for the company to maintain transparency with the client and keep them informed about every detail and the progress of the project, for an effective and transparent software product development lifecycle.

#3 Testing Measures

For an effective process of EdTech app development, it is important to have stringent testing and quality assurance measures for the educational app. The eLearning app development company must have an updated manual testing process and automated procedures during the development cycle. An educational app with glitches may irritate users, which might lead to app abandonment. Therefore, it is important to test the app end to end and then go for its deployment and launch.

In conclusion

Education technology is getting popular as it adds flexibility to the learning process for users and provides access to a range of learning resources remotely. The latest technologies make the process more interactive just like in-person learning.

The key to investing successfully in this booming industry is by delivering a first-class education application that gives excellent performance on all devices and has a visually appealing interface with unique learning features.

If you are still looking for a reliable remote education app development company, Shyam Future Tech can help you via its field-expert software developers community. These software developers are skilled in the latest technologies for mobile and web development, experienced in deploying market-competitive software solutions, and are vetted for their technical expertise.