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7 Sep, 2022

Custom ERP Development Service: The Varied Types for Medical Industry

There is no denying the fact that the worldwide healthcare system is going through a significant workflow transformation. Many hospitals and medical facilities are entering a digital healthcare path every year. According to a survey from Statista, 100% of physicians in the UK use EMRs in their practice. The best part is that other countries are not too far from this practice. Thus, we can say that custom ERP development services are in need.

Here is another critical example of the success of custom ERP development in the medical industry. According to analysts, the market size of medical imaging analytics software will exceed $4.2bn by 2025. Today’s blog will dive into the medical software development field while covering the different aspects and types of software, their benefits, and ways to approach development.

The Different Types of ERP Software Development in Medical Industry

The definition of medical software is indeed blurry. To explain in simple terms, medical software is used in the healthcare system. There are different types of medical software, both for patients and physicians. Here is a checklist of the medical industry’s most popular and frequently used custom ERP development solutions.

Business Centric Solutions

This medical software development makes the workflow of physicians and medical facilities more comfortable and fluent. Therefore, there is a lot of medical software related to this type.

EHR Software

When it comes to the ERP development services for the medical industry, the EHR software is a digital database with the patient’s medical history and other vital information. EHR is one of the most popular types of software in healthcare because it reduces the volume of paperwork. The following are the features of the EHR software.

  • Health information management & storage
  • Patient support (the necessary tools for constant access to the patient records and interactive education)
  • Decision-making support for the physicians (alerts for the possible drug compatibility, patient-specific recommendations depending on the history of the patient)
  • Scheduling of appointment

CRM Software

The healthcare custom ERP software development services are a win-win solution for medical organizations, especially when it is CRM software. This makes it easy to get data from different locations and then change it to a powerful instrument for business analysis. For example, with a digital solution, you can evaluate the expenses, the patient satisfaction score, and KPIs and access the ROI of marketing campaigns for engaging new patients.

The medical CRMs include the following features:

  • Data management module
  • Business management module
  • Analytic module
  • Sales & marketing functions

Medical Database

Medical database stores and organizes all the clinical cases regarding the best use of custom ERP development software development services. The primary objective of medical databases is to improve the decision-making process.

The physicians can go through the database to find the records and treatment process. The databases need powerful tools to work with data to help with the search process easier. These include filter options and simple and informative data visualization. Also, data sharing and backup options are a must.

Custom ERP Development Service

Medical Imaging Software

The medical imaging software is designed in such a way that it helps to visualize, process, and manage x-ray, CT scans, and MRIs. The software can also help in creating anatomical models for surgical plans. The features of the medical imaging software are varied, and they depend on the healthcare area where they are used.

For instance, dental imaging software can have a wide array of volumetric visualizations of the jaw, which can be viewed from all sides. Moreover, you can correct it in real-time. They also come with a wide array of drawing functions on top of the 3D models, adjustable gamma, and picture colour to get a detailed visualization.

Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software is also a part of the custom ERP development software development services. It is designed for the accounting departments of hospitals. With the medical billing software, the accountants can track and manage all the financial operations in the facility. The following are the features of medical billing software.

  • Invoicing
  • Insurance claims
  • Superbill management
  • Patient’s eligibility verification

This software is mostly a part of bigger systems like the EHRs. However, there is also a few standalone billing software like Collaborate MD, Kareo, and Medical Billing Solutions.

Hospital Management Software

Hospital management software is also a part of the custom ERP development services to maintain everyday hospital tasks. This helps to improve the overall service quality.

  • Staff & physician control
  • Bed and inventory management
  • Claims management
  • Medication stock management

This software is integrated with the EHR systems.

Patient-Centric Solutions

This medical software development aims to make the interaction between hospitals and patients smoother. Also, it will reduce the confusion that the patients might face. These include storing medical records, scheduling appointments, and waiting in long lines. There are different variations of patient-centric software. These include:

E-Prescribing Software

E-prescribing helps physicians in controlling the medication prescriptions for the patients. For example, physicians can manage dosage, track it, add or remove drugs from the list or cancel prescriptions altogether. Apart from this, the software also reduces the number of medication errors like Adverse Drugs Events and improves the overall decision-making process.

Telemedicine Software

The main goal of telemedicine is to bring physician appointments online. Telemedicine is on the rise now, and according to Statista, the telemedicine market size will exceed $41 billion by 2026. This forecast shows the overall convenience of telemedicine for both patients and physicians. This software brings different communication methods to the users for fulfilling the goals properly. Apart from that, the telemedicine solutions must have two versions. One is the mobile version, and the other is the web version to ensure that the video and call sessions are more convenient.

Appointment Booking Software

This is yet another example of a popular medical ERP development service that helps reduce the waiting line for patients and increases physicians’ working efficiency. Did you know? An appointment booking software can reduce the rate of no-shows to 50%. With lesser “no-shows” will help you to mitigate monetary savings. Usually, in this system, you will find a schedule panel and a patient app. The physicians can also make an appointment with the schedule panel. Therefore, the patients will get notifications about the event on their mobile devices.

In Conclusion

Now the final question that remains is, when does a medical organization need custom ERP development services? We have listed the different pre-made medical solutions, but they also come with flaws. Remember that out-of-the-box software solutions don’t always cover all the possible use cases.

That’s why you will need custom ERP development services for medical institutions. Custom medical software development will let you create a unique solution for specific medical facilities. Since the custom solution fits perfectly into the hospitals of the existing workflows, such software is much more effective and convenient than the ready-made solutions.