Created by an ambitious and creative team of Swiss jewelers, Sparkle is a custom jewellery company specialising in selling luxury customised rings. After launching in 2004, the creative business quickly began expanding throughout Europe, with its creative and original concept appealing to a wide pool of interested customers. However, despite this impressive business growth, Sparkle struggled for years with the fact that many of their buyers were finding it difficult to navigate their website – and were therefore not purchasing their products as easily.


The previous store did not optimize for mobile devices, the mobile visitor was finding the difficulty in viewing the pages. The design of the store was quite outdated compared to the current trend of jewelry industry & user interface was not much interactive. As per Google guidelines, code quality was not optimized. Due to this client’s website was facing heavy downfall in rankings because of poor coding structure. In jewelry ecommerce, Site trust plays an important role in converting customers. On-site trust and credibility were missing from the website. The store had no trust-building factor.

Our suggestions:

After taking a look at their website, we identified the brand’s key issue; their ring-building pages in particular – was far too complicated! Our team’s objective was to find opportunities to improve Sparkle’s customer’s user experience on the website and native app. We also wanted to find opportunities to increase conversion, either through app downloads or bringing new customers to the physical jewelry store. To do this, we must apply a user-centered design process.


As UX (user experience) specialists, our team of developers built out a sleek and intuitive built-in tool to guide Your Mood’s customers through every element of their customized ring design. In an elegantly laid out ring-building menu, customers now begin the process by selecting their gender, choosing a base ring and then picking up to three decorative add-ons for their custom jewellery piece.

To do this, we began by analysing the existing process and Y-framing a new ring building system by mapping out high-level sketches of each stage of the ring-building process, breaking it down into simple steps to help each user along their journey to purchase.

This custom tool was better for the company than simply installing an app because our custom solution is built into Sparkle’s website theme itself, and does not affect the speed of the website at all.Our dedicated team handled all aspects of the product development, from UI and UX to quality assurance and testing. The front-end design was created with our own UI-based framework, Propeller, which contains a library of all the basic design components for websites, web applications and mobile applications. This gave us the added advantage by saving more than 30% of the time spent on developing the application.