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Our IT experts are aware of the fast-changing nature of the industry and keep updating strategies in businesses.

Being one of the top software companies in Kolkata, we guide our professionals work closely with clients and modify the existing or create new systems. In Shyam Future Tech, we have created few in-house software systems to manage task, relationship with customers, track sales activities and we also develop mobile apps. It is all about making position of your business more prominent in market.

Task management software: IT experts at our software solutions company design task management software to track and schedule the organizational activities and eventually it improves the productivity and proper flow of information across the organization. Here is the list of things you could expect from our task management software–

  • The interface of the software will allow you to create and assign task to different employees
  • Different users of the system will have different access level, i.e. employee, admin, CEO, HR, sales manager, all will work differently according to the access permission they have. For example, admin of the system can edit, view and delete some information but the employees can only view or edit some selected field of the system
  • As the name suggests, we can set start and end date for any task and schedule it on the system to notify connected parties.
  • The authorized user of the system can create and report for everyday task.

Whatever the industry you thrive in, CRM system can add efficiency to improve the customer service. Being one of the top software companies in India, we, at Shyam Future Tech, use CRM for the same purpose, i.e., we assist marketing for different sectors like Govt./PWD/Institute/IT/Metro/KMDA across India through different contractors, departments and consultants. So, the benefits you will get are–

Designated Accounts in the system:

Different accounts are created on the CRM system for contractors, consultants, human resource manager and others from different sectors. These are the people known for building project followed by driving lead into the business.


Driving leads into the business is the main reason why the entire effort is given. Sales lead denotes to driving interested clients or customer into business.


Contacts related to each account is given on the CRM system to maintain the smooth flow of communication.


When any of the designated account on the CRM system approves sales of a particular service or product, quotes will be sent to them to take a new order. While sending the quote, the software is built to send it including Basic + Freight + 18% GST.


Be it creating, editing or viewing account details or updating the value for sales, authorized people handling respective accounts on the CRM can make changes accordingly.

you can track a sales person using Google map, with each minute of activity.

you can track total visit and activities of a sales person at the dealer and customer’s place.

According to the activities of your sales manager, it will show you the report.

You can view and manage the entire expenses during the sales visit.

Employees can set their weekly plan and can view the updates by higher authorities.

While maintaining all these data, it not only increases the scope to enrich customer experience, but would also strengthen the brand loyalty. Eventually, you turn your customers into brand loyalists.

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