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Well, our customized mobile apps are all user-friendly and based on the industry we are targeting (Gaming, food, infrastructure, IT etc.) we develop application according to our client’s consent. So, the services you will get from us are-

Custom mobile app development:

Be it a startup business or you just want to grow the existing one, custom mobile app development can serve you better for this purpose. Even if you have a website to run your trade online, mobile apps can support your business to expand very fast based on the mobile domain. Eventually, you will grab a good number of customers to earn the desired benefits. Our team of developers thrives on working on multiple projects in different business sectors.

Mobile app testing:

Soon after you have a mobile application for your business, it is important to determine how successful your application is. After an investment in development, apparently, you may feel it quite costly and time-consuming to test the application. Well, you may not like if customers do not get engaged with the app after their first the interaction. But what could have been wrong in this case?

More likely inadequate testing lead to poor customer experience, which means, your app is not functional on the devices your customers use. With testing, we make sure that your app gives seamless experience on various mobile platforms.

Mobile website development:

Today most people use mobile devices for browsing. Be it digging information or shopping online; your business website has to be optimized enough to run on mobile platforms.
It is necessary because a website that has been developed for desktop/laptop screen does not come fit for smaller screens. As a result, users have to zoom and flick to get the content on your webpage. Well, the problem could be solved now by optimizing the websites for mobile, or you may create a separate website for mobile devices.
When it comes to making the customer experience better, creating another website and respective content is not the ideal solution. Hence we thrive to develop mobile responsive website design, which means the design and content of the website will transform and rearrange automatically to fit the screen size for the optimal viewing experience.

Mobile UI/UX design:

When a mobile app is successful to attract users, you can call it as effective user interface (UI) design. On the other hand, if the feel and view of the app are efficient enough to stick users to the app, then it is no doubt the power of User experience (UX) design.

Mobile users today prefer to have easy to navigate applications that could be solved with fewer touch and interactions. Therefore, like other renowned companies in India, we, at Shyam Future Tech give our effort in UI/UX development in mobile apps.

Native & Hybrid Mobile App Development:

To improve the user experience, we decided to develop apps, which are both hybrid and native. Now you may question what are these both categories denote? Well, a native app is compiled into machine code to give you the best performance on the mobile phone. On the other hand, hybrid apps come with portability that runs on multiple platforms and could be developed and distributed at lower cost.

Mobile Gamification App Development:

Mobile app users are becoming demanding day-by-day, and they no more get impressed only by the stable, regular and well-working application. Users want more to stay glued to your application. Gamification does the same by taking some development ideas from mobile games and uses them to transform an app to give playful experience to the users. By using such elements, your app gain more power to convince the customers to take some actions.

Did you know why users enjoy playing games? It is all about seamless user experience offered by the app. So, why not offer the same with your app? It won’t have the competitive levels and warrior to play for you but give your users the interactive way to take some actions. We, at Shyam Future Tech, work hard to bring as many appreciations possible for your business.

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