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Hybrid App Development

This is an application with a combination of elements of both web and native applications. Hybrid apps can be found in app stores and they assist people in playing games, get in touch with friends on social media and take photos. These mobile apps are integrated with web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Hybrid mobile app development allows developers to target more than one platform but each platform has its own web runtime. This is applicable for Android, which is not consistent across different versions of Operating System. We use Hybrid technology for Mobile App Development due to the following advantages:


Application building for a different set of platforms like iPhone, Android, and Windows require separate languages and frameworks. PhoneGap solves the problem by using standards-based web technologies to connect web applications with mobile devices. The biggest advantage of this particular framework is that it helps developers to develop apps by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web APIs for all major mobile operating systems. We primarily use PhoneGap because it helps us to reach out to more users by being compatible with all major operating systems.



Apache Cordova (previously known as PhoneGap) is a platform meant for building hybrid mobile applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows mobile app developers to use standard web technologies for development across platforms, thereby avoiding native development language for each mobile platform. We use Cordova as it allows us to build a single mobile app across different mobile platforms and also because it saves precious time to develop a particular app. Developers can use the app security API to avail the security features and capabilities of the underlying platform.



Ionic is the app platform for mobile app developers. The platform allows developers to build apps and customize them as per the needs and requirements of the clients. This fits perfectly with our objective of providing clients with customized solutions, which we have based our services upon. Ionic gives developers powerful ways to build mobile applications that surpass existing HTML5 development frameworks.



Xamarin is a mobile app development and app creation software. As a developer, one can do anything with this app, just like they do in Objective-C, Java or Swift. Through Xamarin, one could use app logic across multiple platforms and hence it is a tool which is a must-use as a cross-platform development tool. It also binds similar APIs and UI controls that are used to build Android, Ios and Mac apps on their respective platform-specific languages. We use this software to make the maximum use of the facilities available and hence keep improving on our service delivery front, as far mobile app development is concerned.


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